Three SLO County flu deaths in two weeks

February 6, 2013

fluSan Luis Obispo County public health officials said Tuesday that three people who tested positive for the flu virus have died in the county in the past two weeks and warned that this flu season is an especially harsh one.

The ages of the victims range from 38 to 90-years-old.

“Influenza can be a serious and deadly disease, especially for those with underlying medical conditions, the very young, and the very old,” said Dr. Penny Borenstein, county health officer. “With widespread influenza activity throughout the state and county, residents are urged to protect themselves and their families by getting a flu shot.”

Cases of the flu virus, which usually peak in February, are continuing to increase. There have been 14 flu related deaths reported state-wide.


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Dr. Hodin is quite correct.

“Cause of “death is certainly never truly attributed to the right source. Many deaths can be traced back to patients with diabetes… who then eventually fall victim to various heart and organ failure years later.

Flu does tend to pick on the weakest amongst us… the young and old and those with compromised immune systems. The cdc has a map of flu outbreaks on a weekly basis.

So 20% of the state’s flu deaths have been in slo county? Seems like a news story’s lurking somewhere in there.

Dr. Borenstein didn’t classify them as “flu deaths,” but you wouldn’t know that from the article.