Atascadero man arrested for purse snatching

February 20, 2013

purseAn Atascadero man allegedly tried to wrestle an 80-year-old woman’s purse away from her at the Kmart in Arroyo Grande.

Several citizens restrained Mykel Leo Romo, 21, after they spotted him attempting to steal the purse The victim suffered minor injuries from being forced to the ground during the assault.

Police also suspect Romo of snatching a purse from a 65-year-old woman at the Arroyo Grande Walmart on Friday. In both instances, the purse snatcher rode a Yamaha motorcycle, approached the women and asked for directions.

Police arrested Romo on suspicion of several felony charges including robbery and possession of a stolen vehicle


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“approached the women and asked for directions”

I remembered many years ago in LA, there was a purse snatcher who would approach women and ask for directions with a Jamaican accent. When the police caught and questioned him, he had no accent, all he did was try to flee from the police yelling repeatedly “why are you messing with me I did’t do anything”

Glad to community is looking after each other, and restrained the pissant until the cops arrived. Nice work K-Mart shoppers!

In fact, the headline should read “Atascadero Punk” not “Atascadero Man”.

Perfect! I’ll bet his mother is real proud of her cowardly, punk son. He didn’t have the balls to try and mug anyone but elderly women. What a man!!!!!

He should spend time in a cage near a public school.

Better yet, put him in “stocks” (like in the early days of this country) and move him everyday to a different senior citizen center. Let them take care of him. (:>)))))

Right on, but he should be in the “stocks” right out in front of the main doors to kmart…

He should have “Depends” doo-ty! ; )