SLO police searching for burglary suspects

February 20, 2013

burglerSan Luis Obispo police are looking for two men who have burglarized six homes in the past few weeks.

Police suspect the two men knock on doors to discover if anyone is at home, and then break in through a back door, window or through an unlocked entrance after the homeowners leave for work. All of the robberies have occurred between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m.

The burglars have stolen jewelry, computers, other electronics, cash and other items of value.

The most recent robbery occurred on Flora Street. During that incident, the homeowners came home and interrupted the burglars they described as two Hispanic men.


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For those of us who liver in neighborhoods where we are somewhat close to our neighbors, do you notice when someone is around that doesn’t look familiar? Do you tell your neighbor when you see a strange person poking around their property or knocking on their front door? Has a neighbor ever alerted you to strangers in your neighborhood? I have a couple of neighbors who do keep an eye out for strangers and we all talk to each other whenever there are reports like this going around. Apparently we had someone in our neighborhood trying to look like a homeless person with a sleeping bag draped over their shoulder, going up to different doors and knocking; if someone answered, they stated that they were homeless and were asking if they could work for food- if no one answered, they looked around, down the driveway and possibly might even come back later to do who knows what. Keep your doors locked, even when at home, make sure your windows cannot be opened from the outside. Be vigilant and aware.

Did the police get any fingerprints? What follow-up has there been? Are there other neighborhoods that have been hit? Too bad he didn’t have a dog especially one with a deep bark.

They will get caught if they are lucky and if they are not lucky, they will get caught first.

Is it luck if they break into my house when I am home, and then get to stare down the business end of my rifle?

It is also luck if “they” break in to your house collect your weapons and sell them or worse use them.

This is one way criminals get guns, easy pickings, locks and all.

Happens every day.