California carjacking shootings kill four victims

February 19, 2013

carA series of carjacking and shootings killed at least four people in Orange County Tuesday morning. [NBC LA]

Tustin police initially responded to a report of a carjacking and shots fired just off the 5 Freeway around 5:30 a.m. A gunman shot a bystander during the carjacking.

A second carjacking and shooting then occurred near the 55 Freeway, killing the carjacking victim.

Officers then found a third carjacking location, where a gunman had shot two carjacking victims, killing one and putting the other in critical condition.

Investigators also found the body of a woman who was shot and killed in her Ladera Ranch home.

Officers eventually found the suspect in a stolen vehicle in Orange. When stopped, the suspect shot and killed himself.

Tustin police and the California Highway Patrol responded to six different locations during the carjacking and shooting spree and are continuing to investigate the events.



The carjacking appears to be incidental to the another “killing rampage”


It’s starting……

This year starts crazy high inflation (thanks Fed for the funny money flood) forcing desperation as noted here. Buckle up.

Question: Why the hell would anyone think the time to get rid of guns is when the shooting starts?

Try running that by the cops on the job, or how about the military?

How about flushing the base criminality out from under the rocks? It’s easy to spot them, they’ll have suits on and dwell in skyscrapers.


This is ever the more reason why we should have more citizens with CWP!


I live in a right to carry state ( concealed or open ) and I do carry, Why you ask do I carry a gun, well the answer is simple…. A cop is to HEAVY !


LOL a cop is to heavy. Good point.