Fremont Theater to reopen on Valentine’s Day

February 12, 2013

fremontThe historic Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo will reopen on Valentine’s Day after being closed for two weeks.

The theater’s owners Rob Rossi and John King said they have signed a one year contract for the use of the main theater with The Movie Experience.

“To all who love and admire our treasured Fremont theater, the earlier announcements of its demise were both premature and inaccurate,” Rossi said in an email.

In addition to first-run movies, Rossi and King will be providing a concert and event venue that will serve beer and wine. The Freemont first opened in 1942 and at the time included movies and live performances.

Anyone interested in renting the Freemont, which today seats more than 850, should call Katie Manely at (805) 530-3548.


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Theaters have a hard time making a profit. You have an ever improving home theater experience and a ever shrinking stash of expendable dollars to take the family to the “movies” I also think there are less and less reasons to go to the movie theater because good movies are far and few between in my opinion. That being said the new sound equipment in most theaters are awesome. When a good flick gets released you should go. Easy on the butter…

This is the only theater I go to in SLO. Not the most comfortable, but I definitely love the experience there. Maybe I burned out on mega-plexes and such, but I love this theater and the one on Grand Ave in AG (same owners as SLO drive-in, I believe).

I also hope they continue the classic movie night thing they have done in the past. I wouldn’t mind seeing classic older films (and not-so-old) re-run there. Back to the Future would be cool to see in this theater.

“Freemont Theater to reopen on Valentine’s Day”

Does the new name “Freemont” mean we get in free now?

I’m glad (I’m sure like many) that this has worked out. You don’t have theaters anymore that have the movie experience like the old one’s do.

Couldn’t have anything to do with having to take out a bank loan to pay for popcorn, soda and M&M’s, many movie theaters priced thenselves into the situation they are in.

Having known someone who owned a small movie theater, they keep only a small amount of the ticket proceeds. The rest goes to those who produce the movies. Therefore they make their money on refreshments.

Curious to know what’s changed in theaters that you don’t like. We just saw a movie this weekend and I marveled at the improvements in seating & sound alone. Every seat was an amazing seat and with the improved sound I felt like I was dodging Stallone’s bullets!

NEVER said that I didn’t like, I said don’t have the experience. Difference. What I ment is the old art-deco styling inside and out and the way the snack bars are. Yes the new ones have better sound but they are just a box.