Oceano and San Miguel facing state penalties

February 27, 2013

Following the failure to report employee compensation to the California State Controller’s Office as required by law, the communities of Oceano and San Miguel are facing fines of $5,000 each.

In both cases, the district managers were warned repeatedly by the state that failure to disclose employee compensation for 2011 would result in a $5,000 fine. Nevertheless, both Oceano Community Services District Manage Tom Geaslen and San Miguel Community Services District Manager Rene Salas did not provide the information as required by Government Code Section 53895.

moneyIn light of the city of Bell scandal, the State Controller’s Office began posting the additional payroll data online so that government watchdogs could compare compensation.

Officials from the districts were required to submit the information to the state by Oct. 18. In letters dated Nov. 9, the district managers received their first warnings.

“This letter serves as a written notice of your failure to provide the Government Compensation in California report,” The letters say. “You must provide your GCC to the State Controller’s Office within 20 days of receipt of this letter. Failure to provide the report within 20 days of receiving this letter will result in a forfeiture… . These penalties range from $1,000 to $5,000 and are based on the costs to obtain the information to compile your GCC.”

The law also allows the state to bill the districts for any additional costs that are incurred if the state elects to hire certified public accountants to perform audits.


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I hope the Oceano CSD Directors will give us a clear accounting of what they have spent in 2011 and 2012 ! It should include meeting stipends as well, since that was what got Bell in so many problems:

1. Managers Salary and any “additional expenditures outside salary”.

2. Directors pay + any meetings stipends.

3. The cost of Legal Services.

4. The cost of Consultants.

5. The cost to settle Lawsuits.

The residents deserve financial transparency.

It seems you are assuming the board is being fooled, is it possible the board knows exactly what is going on and thinks Mr Geaslen’s work is positive?

This was a reply to Letsbhonest…

If that is the case then their FOOLS!

I do not think that kayaknut is out of line with his/her comment.

From everything I see, having attended meetings – more meetings than just the OCSD board meetings, the board seems to be enamored of Tom.

He has certainly ‘kicked ass and taken names’ as the OCSD General Manager – both interim and permanent under this new five year contract, even though he has publicly stated he was only going to take this position temporarily . . . this position that was bequeathed to him . . . this position that higher-ups pretty much gave him . . . this position that the higher-ups (who employ Tom’s wife at the same time) gave him. If it walks like a Texiera and talks like a Texiera . . . then it sounds like Tom Geaslen’s wife’s boss and Tom’s previous employer gave the OCSD to Tom, period.

No collusion/conflict-of-interest/special interest there though, am I right?

But I ask the OCSD board – does Tom truly have the OCSD’s best interests at heart?

He trots up the hill to Nipomo every chance he gets. That is his place of residence, and his wife’s boss’ place of interest.

I would love to believe that the OCSD Board of Directors gave a care about their elected responsibilities but in my gut I think the ball has been dropped.

I’ve been going to meetings for quite some time and here is the common refrain from every single elected representative sitting up there:

Angello: “Nothing to report.”

Hurdle: “I attended a meeting and it is going well (no factual data actually disseminated)” or “I attended a meeting but so did [insert alternate board member name here] so I’ll let them report on it”.

Guerrero: “I am SO happy to report that I have nothing to report. Yes, I have so many closed session meetings that I cannot report on but by golly gee, things are going just swimmingly!”

Lucey: “Tom, you are AH. MAZ. ING. Things so totally sucked until you came along and now everything UN-sucks because of you. You ROCK dude!”

White: “Wait. WHUUUT’s going on? How will this impact Halcyon, my special interest? Oh. I dunno the big words you use so please break it down to Sill-AH-Bills my tired old mind can digest. OH CRAP! I’m supposed to pick up Director Hurdle’s dropped reporting? Again? Wait. WHUUUT’s going on?”

Every meeting.

When the board is THIS clueless about their responsibilities, their requirements, the governmental oversight they are required to follow?

It is absolutely NO wonder that Tom Geaslen runs roughshod over Oceano, over due process, over due diligence, over accountability and over transparency.

And his boy Texiera turns a blind eye. One day Texiera and the Geaslens will be at odds. I relish the day that happens and I trust Cal Coast News will have broken the REAL story long before any traditional press jumps on their bandwagon.

Oceano got 99 problems and a dissenting voice ain’t one.

excuse me, my i borrow your comments to use as a template for board meetings in general? LOL. nobody wants to hear bad news, will look the other way, and don’t want to see the shoals up ahead. just give me my stipend.

In defense of Angelo, she doesn’t take a stipend (she’s a millionaire) so she doesn’t have to do anything and clearly doesn’t.

She thinks Tom is “worth every penny.”

She is the most costly Board member the district has ever had; she wouldn’t step aside when Pamela filed her lawsuit for the improper seating. Ending up with the district paying over $75K in Pamela’s legal fees and the district’s defense — attorney bills.

But, more costly than those legal fees, is the confusion from her signature (as vice president) on the Tyler letter with the wrong figures input into the $300,000 software that have been at the root of all the accounting sna-FU’s.

Tom is the “go-to” mouthpiece for the district, because no one can defend him the way he can defend himself.

He could sell an iceberg to an Eskimo. Maybe he’ll try to sell an iceberg to Nipomo as a new water source?

I appreciate your comments and factual details . It just seems so clear that Tom Geaslen is way in over his head. When a State Audit comes to town a lot of people will find themselves in trouble.

Hopefully, in the future we will merge with one of the other local cities.

County Government, the Oceano Community Services District, and Tom Geaslen are not representing the needs of the people.

It is time for Oceano to quietly fade away into history.

All the OCSD board members always seem to be goo-goo and gaga over their district manager

Geaslen! let’s see how he charms his way out of this latest fiasco! I think he’s pulling the

wool over all these board members eyes by talking the B.S!!!!!! let’s see which board member

will be the bigger person and call him out on it!!!!! The soap opera continues!