Cal Poly student discovered with rifle on campus

February 27, 2013

rifle amoA Cal Poly student, who was discovered with a .22 caliber rifle and ammunition in his Sierra Madre dorm room, has withdrawn from school and left the area. [KCOY]

Cal Poly Police determined the currently unnamed student had the gun in his room for only a couple of days. After interviewing the student, officers determined he was not dangerous.

“Because of the totality, one of them being he was not a threat, but also since he decided to withdraw from campus and leave the area, we felt it best to that we did not need to file charges at the time,” said Cal Poly Police Chief George Hughes to KCOY.

Cal Poly rules prohibit firearms on campus unless the gun owner has a concealed weapon permit.



If thr kid wanted to have his gun, he should have lived in off campus housing where he would be free to do so. Dorm policy says no guns, and as a student living there you sign off to abide. This isn’t a 2nd amendment debate at all.

Jorge Estrada

There should be a 4 year Fire Arms Safety Degree so that this BS can be added to the list.


Poly has turned out to be such a disappointment. It doesn’t stand up for the Constitution at all – not even freedom of speech is allowed on campus. Not really. You have to get a permit first, even to post a piece of paper on campus. Really. What a sucky place!! It wasn’t always that way. Generations are growing up not knowing what true freedom is – everything requires permits, fees, licenses, etc, etc, etc. nowadays.

And what sucks even more, is that all these self-righteous “good-doers” that impose their restrictive ideas on others, grew up in a world where they did experience a lot more freedom than they’re giving today’s, and tomorrow’s, youth. So, it was good for them, and they enjoyed it fully, I’m sure; but they certainly don’t want to pass on the freedom they enjoyed to future generations.

I wonder what all the hypocrites do for self-defense – just be victims so they can continue to whine?


“Willow says: I wonder what all the hypocrites do for self-defense – just be victims so they can continue to whine?”

So More freedom in the old days eh? How far back was really free? Before the seprate water coolers? Before Woman could vote (Merica!), Back when no one talked about beating there wife and kids?

College students who can’t hold there liquor, but add a bunch of guns, what could possably go wrong.


How times change.

When I was growing up in SLO in the 50a and 60s, virtually every pickup truck had a gun rack in the window and at least one rifle. Also typical, the mandatory dog in the back of the pickup. You’d see these trucks parked all over downtown and throughout the county. Guns, they were everyday tools; nothing more. Every male friend, and quite a few girls as well, owned one and were comfortable with them around. And yes, there were no restrictions on poly campus as well.

I don’t know about the policy regarding guns in the dorms, but my guess is that no one cared.

While I’m in full nostalgic bliss… My dad gave me my first 22 when I was 13 and sent me to take a NRA gun course which was held in the basement of the city hall, here in SLO. Mr. Borah, of Borah Trophy’s store, ran the class and the range with an iron fist. He taught us how to handle a rifle safely, how to shoot and clean the thing and common gun courtesy. If there were any infractions of the rules while at the range, you could expect an openhanded whack across the back of your head from Mr. Borah and a public scolding. Your dad would be standing back watching these life lessons and not saying a word. The greatest humiliation to a young boy would be your dad defending you. More likely would be the comment, ”what? You only hit him once?”

A normal day during the summer here in SLO back then may very well find me and my buddies riding out of town on our bikes with our 22s strapped to our backs, the neighbors waving and simply saying, “have a good time boys.”

Gordon Mullin


Gordon, do you mean back in the day BEFORE our community started giving children video games where they score points according to how many people they shoot and kill and all the gun nuts telling people that using a gun is a good way to deal with problems and that our world would be safer if EVERY adult carried a firearm at all times in public?

NO, I do NOT want to take away your guns. But I support the idea that a student ought to be able to live in a dormitory where possessing or storing firearms is not allowed.

The student in the story above broke a rule that he was presumably aware of before moving in. If he wanted to keep a gun in his room, he had the right to live elsewhere.


The student broke the rules and got tossed. How many kids get tossed for weed and firewater.? Both are nono’s for dormlife. Too common to make the CCN headline?


Our leaders pick and choose which laws to uphold and which to cast aside. Such is the case with illegal immigration. The immigrants here illegally know they broke a rule that they are presumably aware of before moving in. If they want to stay here, they have to do so legally.

Until Obama.


I wonder where the Cal Poly ROTC keeps their rifles?


They probably keep them in a locked secure area, not where another student can just wonder in pick them up and inadvertently shoot and kill another student.


It indeed would be a wonder if that could happen


I remember back in the early 70,s college days, I brought my .270 to speech class for a “show and tell” assignment. Had it strapped over my smoulder walking across campus.

Good times!


A friend of mine (retired Vietnam vet) remembers biking to school with his .22 slung around his back for the school’s gun club. This was Santa Maria in the 50’s… since they cleaned up all those “lack of laws” preventing citizens openly carrying weapons (especially the kids), the place has become much more safe and sane.

Just saying…


I would not take my gun to some other friends house. Maybe he should have rented a small storage unit where only he would have access.


Then your friend may not be much of a friend… I have several firearms of friends in my safe for when they come up and visit and we go shooting.


Was the gun that was found at Cal Poly really a AR15 style assault rifle as shown in the picture, or is that picture being used for the sensationalism that it might generate as a result of recent events?

This reminds me of a story I read in a small time local newspaper while visiting the east coast several years ago, where a bank had been robbed by two individuals carrying guns. The headline in the paper was “Assault Rifle Used In Robbery”. Later, in the actual story, it was reported that one of the gunmen was carrying a “30.06 bolt action assault rifle” and the other was wielding a .22 caliber revolver. Neither of which meet the criteria of an assault rifle.


aft50s You are right about the picture, it looks like it is from tactical life magazine by the print on the photo. Also if the gun was this type he would have been arrested due to the fact it has a detachable mag that holds more than 10 rounds unless it was purchased before the ban in california and even then it would have to be registered with the california dept of justice like I had to do with 2 of mine just to keep them after the ban.

Also when I lived in slo I filled in at the slo gun club a a range safety person at the cal poly trap shoots and now that I read this article I wonder how many of the cal poly shooters ( and there was a lot of them ) kept their 12 ga. shotguns in a dorm and maybe still do !

All of the above is the reason I left california 41/2 years ago and I don’t miss it a bit !


While it is an “AR” rifle pictured, it is also a .22 cal high-capacity magazine shown. Even in “BB/pelletgun-like” .22 cal, one cannot have a magazine capacity higher than 10 rounds in CA. My BB gun is more powerful than any of my .22 Long Rifles.

We obviously do not have any details, just enough to scare the low-information voters. Not what I expect from CCN. Tribune and KSBY: yes.


Low information voters? Explain, please.


Soooo, if you are a dorm-living student and a sportman, where are you expected to keep your guns?

Also, since you can’t “conceal” a long gun, the CCW permit seems like an inapplicable standard. My guess is that it is a Cal Poly buck-pass. Poly doesn’t outright “ban” guns on campus, but they acheive the same effect by requiring a concealed weapons permit, which you can’t get.


How about at your parents house, a friend that lives off campus?? It seems a student finally learned there are rules in life and if you break them there are consequences, it sometimes seems there are not but as a young adult it is a good thing to learn


Cal Poly bans guns in the dorms, just as they ban many other things. I support the 2nd amendment – we have guns. We respect our guns and keep them locked in a gun safe – this is how people who respect their investment in hunting rifles care for their guns. NEVER would we allow a gun to be taken to our son’s dorm room. And, I bet his parents weren’t too thrilled either. I commend him for his honorable response. This shows integrity. Instead of whining that he didn’t agree with the rule that he signed, yes he freely “signed” his name to, he did the honorable thing. We should be commending him. He made a mistake, he obviously has learned a hard lesson. He will be better for it. Hopefully other students have learned from his mistake as well. Rules are rules. Weapons should be respected, rules should be respected.


When all the guns are in gun safes, they never see light of day. The guns aren’t removed for hunting, practice, skeet shooting, or cleaning, Sometimes however, the gun is used or otherwise taken outside the safe towards legal exercise.It saddens me to think that a Poly Student who made a mistake of perhaps a temporary park in a room has resulted in that student’s loss of enrollment at a fine school. In my analysis the action at issue should be considered like any good parent Was it a potential assault rifle with large clips and the bullets readilty availavable…. with an eye on massive murder? or was the plan of armed adus with saftely equipment pliniking squiress…..or similar shooting.?

I agree to lock the psychos up, and throw away the key. I disgree that honest guys making stupid mistakes are miles apart and should not suffer. GO to the school school store, try on fifty paird of shoes, and walk out the front door with the wrong paid. Doent the i made a mistake apply, and the boy stays i n scholll……YES AND THATS HOW ITS SUPPOSED TO END>>>>