Parkinson asks Biden not to support new gun laws

February 25, 2013
Ian Parkinson

Ian Parkinson

San Luis Obsipo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson issued a letter to Vice President Joe Biden requesting that he address the country’s flawed mental health system, rather than lobbying for stricter gun control measures in response to recent shooting tragedies.

In the Feb. 9 letter, Parkinson said that he supports the 2nd Amendment and that he will not enforce any laws that take firearms out of the hands of law-abiding citizens.

“I believe that every law abiding citizen has the right to acquire, own, possess, use, keep and bear firearms under the 2nd Amendment,” Parkinson wrote. “I will not take firearms from law abiding citizens and turn law abiding citizens into criminals by enforcing gun control legislation that will not solve or prevent tragedy.”

Parkinson said that new gun laws in response to the recent Connecticut school shooting would be “reactionary and cosmetic.”

“Many people’s first reaction after a tragedy, like what occurred in Connecticut, is to try and pass more restrictive laws and look for a quick solution, rather than address the real problem.”

The sheriff instead requested that Biden work to allocate more federal funding for mental health facilities and services.

“I do not believe that passing more gun laws is the solution to this problem. Many of these shootings and many of the homicides in my county, over the past few years, have been related to mental illness. I believe that it is very clear that we must address and put more attention to the mentally ill and the mental health systems in this country.”

Parkinson authored the letter to Biden in support of the 2nd Amendment after the North County Tea Party circulated a petition requesting he do so. Approximately 20 California sheriffs have taken public stances against stricter gun laws proposed by the White House. Several of the sheriffs have, also, written letters to Biden opposing more gun laws.

The North County Tea Party announced the Parkinson letter at a 2nd Amendment rally Saturday in Atascadero. Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian and former Congresswoman Andrea Seastrand each spoke at the rally, as did executive director of Gun Owners of California Sam Paredes.

Parkinson did not appear at the event.


Jorge Estrada

I voted for the other guy, my choice, but I have to congratulate Ian for walking his talk. I have witnessed his responce to good citizenry on a variety of platforms, he has earned my support.


So typical of Parkinson to talk out of both sides of his mouth. This is all about politics and the need to appease the Tea Pot crazies.

The second ammendment is important but to apply it to assault weapons with large capacity magazines is the height of lunacy.

Im curious if Parkinson seized any of the medical marijuana peoples guns?


Yeah, those silly “tea pot” people who actually want the government to be held accountable to their oaths sworn to uphold the Constitution of the United States…. pssh-ahh!

Next thing you know, these “crazies” will want to actually live their own lives and be left alone by an over-reaching government bloated beyond sustainability, with no accountability or financial responsibility. Again, “crazy” right? Silly “tea pot” “baggers” and whatever new descriptive I’ve been educated to call them…



The 2nd Amendment says exactly this: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

It is the ONLY Amendment to the Constitution that states a purpose. Might want to stop and think about that. Must be pretty damned important.

Where in 27 words of this Amendment did you read limiting capacity?


Sheriff Ian Parkinson is a courageous and thoughtful man.

California has already gone to extremes with their existing measures towards so-called gun control. In case anyone is looking… it hasn’t worked. The fact of the matter the state legislature is spending all its time on yet another comprehensive measure to disarm the citizens of this state. The new set of laws will turn a long list of things including the possession of some common ammunition into felonies. Making ‘criminals’ out of average people is not in the best interest of our state or our nation.

There are many challenges that face this state and our country starting with the economy and the lack of jobs for those who wish them… unfortunately, it seems to me that with the shrill comments generate from here and there , we won’t get around to fixing the boat until it completely sinks.

Again, thanks for writing the letter Sheriff!


The more I read the news….the more convinced I am, that I need to get a gun and learn how to use it.


Might I suggest getting in touch with your local sportsman’s club (San Luis Sportsman’s Association and/or Santa Lucia Sportsman’s Association are both great). Or at least go talk to the friendly folks at your local gun shop (Four Season’s Outfitters or Range Masters in SLO). I’d give the nod to Range Masters, as they are really set up to take you from “nervous about guns” to the safe owning, operating and storage of firearms. Any of these places offer great (free) help and advice, often with special offerings for women and youths.

I have had no less than three quite liberal friends ask me to get them started on getting a gun – all within the last 2-3 years. I’ve even had the pleasure of helping a few conservatives, too, obtaining firearms.


If the justice system did its job then the nutcases that plead insanity for murder with a fire arm should just fry, we have no bite in our justice system anymore. The goofball in Atasc that shot those two ladies should have been worm food already, this wack job that shot his mom should have been excuted already, without a deturent people will keep doing these type of things and getting away with it.

I too pat Sherrif Parkinson on th eback for this, he also needs to send letters to the rest of our elected representives, Capps,Monning to let them know how San Luis County feels.


Dystiny Myers.

I get a chill whenever I think about how that poor child was tortured and murdered.

No firearm was used.


It is quite reassuring to have the leader of our law enforcement agency declare that he will decide which laws he will and will not enforce. Its a comforting thought that our law enforcement leaders are granted the lattitude to be judge jury and executioner on the issues of our time. Fortunately i am a gun owner and white and don’t live in a trailer park. The only risk is that I am not a county employee and so i am not totally immune from justice.


Your comment is an OVER simplification of what he said. First he is enforcing the 2nd amendment which is a LAW!!

Second he said he would not take guns from LAW ABIDING citizens and make them criminals. Never did he say he was protecting a criminal, his point is if this is the only infraction they have in owning a gun, it DOES NOT make them a criminal.

Also he is RIGHT on the mental illness. We have had about six instances in this county in last few years, ALL related to mental illness. The kid from Atown that killed the ladies up past Santa Margarita, the lady from Paso last year that killed her mother, the kid that killed his brother up in Cambria. Is that not mental illness????

So PLEASE tell me where he is judge and jury here? He is enforcing the law. If you don’t like him then that is a different arguement.


If you are referring to biden and obama than I AGREE with you on making up laws as you go.


Here is a prime example why every citizens that chooses to be able to carry a concealed weapon.

Paroled sex offenders disarming tracking devices-

More than 3,400 arrest warrants for GPS tamperers have been issued since October 2011, when the state began referring parole violators to county jails instead of returning them to its packed prisons.


I see what you did there, Sam. I get it, I do. It does seem like that, especially recently. Heck, let’s see how this CAPSLO/Family Ties plays out to your theory on gov. employees…

While I did not support Parkinson for his run, and I was VERY disappointed with the medical marijuana / FED thing, I would say this letter to Biden is at least something he has done right.

Mr. Holly

Great letter.

Instead of penalizing law abiding citizens why don’t we demand that the judicial system do their job. Why are all of these violent criminals allowed to go back into society? How about if you are involved in a criminal act and you have a gun in your possession you go to jail for 5 years, no ifs ands or buts? Too simple, although I think law abiding citizens would support some new law like this. Criminals only have guns for one reason and that’s to kill. Time to get tough on crime.


You ask a fair question. Assuming it wasn’t just rhetorical, may I make a couple suggestions?

Our courts are too crowded for several reasons. Chief among them is too many laws with too harsh penalties. We should not be overburdening the courts and jails/prisons with minor-league losers whose damage to society is minimal. The courts often don’t have the flexibility to reduce sentences for minor offenses that would allow (but not guarantee) a positive outcome as opposed to giving someone a criminal record which goes on to limit them for the rest of their lives. The use of the “Sex offender” label for crimes such as “public urination” or “streaking” would be one example. The overkill fines for people who violate copyright laws by illegal downloads is another. These crimes need punishment but the laws have not been written to allow a sense of proportion in doing so.

Even worse is the hypocritical national policy on marijuana use. It is no more dangerous (overall) than the alcohol use which we wisely tolerate (with restrictions). While the days of doing hard time for simple possession have passed, there is no good reason to be jailing people who grow and distribute it — particularly if we had appropriate regulations and taxes on the process.

Doing something (what, I don’t know) to re-install the concept of justice as more important than “winning” in court for the attorneys on both sides would also help by keeping innocents out of prison, semi-guilty serving shorter sentences and by replacing them with the more serious offenders. The games tolerated (encouraged) by our legal system need to be brought back under control.

Finally, restricting the rights to sue for those who file frivolous lawsuit would help free up the courts to focus on more serious matters like real criminals. Real penalties for the lawyers who aid them would go a long way to reduce the problem.


Like him or not, I have to say he did it right in this instance. It bugs me that we keep harping on gun control and hardly anyone is talking about a lot of the mental illness which in my opinion is the bigger problem.


There is no such thing as GUN CONTROL. There is only PEOPLE CONTROL.


Congratulations Sheriff Parkinson and thank you. This is an issue that I agree with you on, 100%.

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