California sex offenders removing monitors

February 25, 2013

ank monitorThousands of California parolees including child molesters, rapists and other high-risk sex offenders are removing or disarming their court-ordered GPS tracking devices — with little risk of going back to prison because of overcrowding. [LATimes]

Since 2010 when the state began referring parole violators to county jails instead of returning them to its packed prisons, more than 3,400 arrest warrants for GPS tamperers have been issued. Nearly all of the warrants were for sex offenders, who are the vast majority of convicts with monitors.

Jerry Brown and the legislature’s “realignment” program was put in place to reduce overcrowding in state prisons.

Before prison realignment took effect, sex offenders who breached parole remained behind bars, awaiting hearings that could send them back to prison for up to a year. Since realignment, the maximum penalty is 180 days in jail with many never serving that time.

Some counties have freed parole violators within days, or even hours, of arrest rather than keep them in custody.

With so little deterrent, parolees “certainly are feeling more bold,” said Jack Wallace, an executive at the California Sex Offender Management Board, to the LA Times.

Lawmakers also acknowledge there’s a problem.

Several bills are in the works including one by state Sen. Ted Lieu (D-Torrance) that would require parolees who tamper with their GPS devices to be sent back to prison for up to three years.


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Pretty soon, they will have one for all of us. RFID, Real ID, spychips, etc.

Male or female chastity belts to be worn by ALL sex offenders…problem solved.

Notice a Democrat is proposing even harsher sentencing for those who tamper with their monitors.

The early releases are based on court rulings, not the decision of any legislators or the governor.

And at the same time the government wants your gun…amazing.

Who do I sue if my daughter is raped by one of these guys?

I’d be freaking out if I had young children. Society has gone over the edge allowing this to become the state of the state.

I see a lot of future jobs , lets round these pervs up and ensure they don,t create any more problems ,full time employment for some BOUNTY HUNTERS SIGN ME UP

Someone remind me again….what’s so great about living in California these days?

go outside get out of your house

Yep! The climate/weather, geographical features, etc. I do love the state, but do not love The State.

The state? We are the state! I know it is easy to play victim but we voting citizens are the state

I am not in the majority in this place, nor have I been for 40-some years…

Our democracy is not a majority rule system, checks and balances, not winners take all, too bad for the losers, we are in this together.

Rights are what we extend to others, not exclusive sole possessions. As some would have you believe.

That may be the way it should be but it isn’t.

They should rig these things with a stun gun like zapper that goes off if tampered with.