Recovery advocate overdoses at treatment facility

February 17, 2013

lighthouse_logo_rolloverA well-loved advocate of alcohol and drug recovery was discovered unconscious at the Lighthouse Foundation treatment facility in Santa Barbara on Saturday.

Steven Hartman, 52, is in a coma at Cottage Hospital following an overdose at the sober living facility he opened in 2001.

Hartman’s grandfather Stan Young, who struggled with and eventually died from the disease of alcoholism, inspired Steve to start the Lighthouse Foundation. Steve watched his “Gramps” cook dinner and provide shelter to the less fortunate at his Decator Hotel.

The Lighthouse Foundation provides housing for 18 men who are working on their recovery.


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the family pulled the plug last night. Monday February 18,2013.

I too offer my prayers to his family.

I liked Steve, it’s a sad thing for all involved. my prayers go to his family.

I wish we could get an update to this story; folks are making is sound like he passed, but the story only mentions that Steve was in a coma at Cottage.

Steve is/was a very troubled soul indeed. If he does pull through this time, maybe, just maybe he himself will get better.

Since he was a seasoned and long-term addict I’m seriously doubting the OD theory. This reminds me more of suicide…..maybe he lacked the desire to continue fighting the good fight but, that’s okay. He’s obviously been an asset to many men who chose to deal with life One Day At A Time….it works if you work it so keep coming back.


The Lighthouse is not a treatment center- it is a sober living home. At this point all the facts are not in and people have presumed overdose and it is not confirmed by his physicians.

I think that we need to step back and remember that addiction and alcoholism are a disease and that there are real people involved here. For some this is not just a small news story it is about a friend and family members.

My prayers go out to Steve’s family and friends. When I needed help, Steve was there.

Alcoholism is not a disease, as the feel good bleeding hearts would have you believe. It is a weakness of character.


Fedup.. 38 hands down… I know it is hard to watch someone with the disease of alcoholism as I was raised around this my entire life.. When I was able to talk think ask questions. I was handed a pill or a beer.. That was the answer to all problems which caused death all around me .I was so lucky that everyone stopped enabling me like you just wrote..I had to have no one judge me nor talk to me. As I was either going to die of this disease or walk into a AA meeting. Recovery homes, health spas.. Nothing helped me..I see this disease as it progresses in people.One night nap at age 40 turns into full blown alcoholism by age 78..Denile is any age.. I am so sorry for this family’s loss.. BTW.. To get sober you have to change EVERYTHING you thought you knew.. and everyone.. It is the hardest thing a person has to do. I sometimes am so angry at this disease I want to help them end it.Then I have to remind myself.. It is a disease..What you just wrote is why many do not make it in the program. and you need a program to teach you how to fall over and over again and have a group of people pick your mind up. They may not pick you up drunk but they will pick you up after you have done something that is so different then the way you were.I have seen to many give up and say it is just to hard.. and kill themselves.. If you are like fedup go to Al-anon.. as this disease effects 12 people everyday the alcoholic wakes up.I am very very lucky.. and life is a joy every single day..I can walk through things most cannot.. I can also see things most cannot.. I am very very grateful..I do not feel this is a weakness of Character. Bless those in recovery.. Half this county is.. and if not need to be. ;)

Tom Cruise is that you? Yea just like all those lazy women making up postpartum depression huh? Go look up the word ignorance, as yours is on full display here!!!!

as yours is on full display here!!!! : click here to see

So like fedup you believe alcoholism is just in their minds and they are weak? You sir need help.

you are mistaken sir.

Couldn’t tell by your reply to mine. I remarked about people and ignorance of not realizing these are real problems. Your remark let me to believe otherwise. If I am ignorant in defending people with alcoholism from your stated remark, then what am I to think??

Wow I am AMAZED that people think alcoholism and postpartum depression are made up?

Hi Fedup. The American Medical Association disagrees and lists alcoholism as a disease.

As far character goes we must all examine our own.

If your statement is true, than you must have come from a long line of weak minded morons.

OMG, The guy that was heading up the treatment facility did this? I feel so sorry for the clients who are there fighting the fight for their recovery. They must feel like recovery is hopeless. This is unbelievable, how could he do something like this and under that roof?

Everybody falls from grace once and a while.

Not all alcoholics or addicts fall from grace once they have time under their belts. Many do die sober after many years of sobriety. There is a point when someone makes the decision to use. In a case like this, it didn’t have to happen at the treatment facility where it would be in the faces of those working a program to maintain their sobriety.

Many people teach what they need to learn most!

Steve is deceased, this article has not been updated. He was excited when he first started the Lighthouse (sober) and for many years it helped many, many addicts that left grateful. Unfortunately the past couple years (after 10 years sober) he relapsed. Cindy you are right to feel sorry for the residents, he had to have money to feed his addictions alcohol & drugs and each was paying 670.00 a month had no heat in winter, stole their snuck in space heaters, did not stock essentials like he used to didn’t monitor the rules of the establishment any longer, brought women, booze, etc. and holed up in his room…. terrible example…. Kicked an extremely ill, 5 years recovered, gentlemen out (packing his car) while he was in the hospital… saying to him “Your dying in this house” . One story of many… And as to Rober1 & Fedup: Scientists have confirmed Genetics are responsible for many addicts, and like any chemical/medication entering your body for a lengthy period of time, you absolutely become physically addicted, the withdrawals last for an extended period time & are horrible… causing relapse..