Sanitation district superintendent resigns

February 5, 2013

sewageAmid lawsuits, state fines and notices of violation the superintendent of the South San Luis Obispo Sanitation District has tendered his resignation.

Sanitation plant superintendent Bob Barlogio’s last day is slated to be March 22.

Barlogio stepped in as interim superintendent in early 2011. He was filling in for former superintendent Jeff Appleton who went out on sick leave after state regulators determined he operated the plant “using fraud and deception,” according to a letter of proposed disciplinary action. Appleton contends he was following plant Administrator John Wallace’s direction.

On Jan. 24, the district board accepted Barlogio’s resignation and decided to advertize the position.


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Water Quality is in the process of issuing formal disciplinary actions against both Barlogio and Shift Supervisor Trinidad Rodriguez for using non-certified temp laborers for plant operations.

From what I’ve seen so far the only question is how far down they’ll both have their operators licensed demoted. the State is considering knocking Barlogio down one level, and sending Rodriguez back to an Operator I since he had previous disciplinary actions placed in his file for doing the exact same thing before.

Barlogio lied about using temp workers to State, and to his own Board of Directors. He may be hoping he can leave the San Dist and put it all behind him, but any violations that happened under his watch will follow him. It doesn’t matter if he leaves employment with the San Dist or not.

I can’t wait for the Los Osos sewer to be up and running so we can have fun like you guys!

Barlogio and Appleton should sue Wallace.

I don’t know about Barlogio, but I think Appleton should.

BTW, “what fresh hell” do you think is coming our way from the SSLOCSD?

There has to be a reason that Barlogio–who tacitly endorsed the mismanagement of the SSLOCSD board and John Wallace by continuing to work at the facility–is resigning.

I would characterize Bartogio as a patsy. Once all the facts come out, I’m confident that will be the case.

I can’t wait to hear what Bobby has to say once he’s out from under their thumb.

I think Bobby is getting out while the getting is good. Can’t wait to find out why he is now, after all of his time at the SSLOCD, is in such a hurry to “exit, stage right” (as Snagglepuss the Lion would say).

So the original super is out sick… and the fill-in guy resigns? Something about this whole sanitation district stinks – and it ain’t the actual sanitation!

Im pretty sure the original Super, Appleton was fired some time ago. Appleton was nailed by the State of California for using fraud and deception amongst other things and had a letter of reprimand placed into his file with California’s Office of Operator certification. This obviously didn’t help matters. Throw in Appleton testifying under oath during the 16 hour NOV hearing that Wallace is dishonest, manipulating matters for financial benefits to his company, and that the Wallace group’s incompetence was the cause of the spill. The end result? Just like Douglas the former lab tech, and Mascolo the former Shift Supervisor all three were never to return to work under Wallace, Ferrara and Nichols rule.

Ah but rest easy beach users and environment lovers because for the third or fourth time (I lost track) in the last few years, under Wallace’s management naturally, there is again NOBODY employed at the District that can perform the lab analysis REQUIRED BY LAW to meet the legal obligations under various permits and Federal laws such as their NPDES, Ocean discharge permit, Clean water Act bla,bla. I am confident though that Mr Trini Rodriguez, the current Shift supervisor and soon to be interim Plant CPO, will make sure everything is done within the reaches of the law. After all, just because he refused to cooperate with State officials during their investigations dosent really mean he’s a dishonest man in hiding in Wallace’s pocket does it? And all the money Wallace saved us tax payers by firing the lab tech….well…we sure do appreciate that JW. But I gotta ask John, why did you opt to keep a janitor who made $4450 and month instead of a Grade IV lab tech with state and national awards who made $4500 a month? Ah well….Like New Times said, when ya fart butterflies and fuzzy little bunnies you must be good ;)

The reality in small-potatoes local government agencies is that an employee has two choices: do whatever the GM or administrator says and get stuck with the blame for it, or try to protect yourself and get wrongfully terminated.

After what Wallace and the pathetic excuse for a SSLOCSD board of directors did to the last two superintendent, I can’t wait to see the piece-0-$hit supervisor they hire next. It has to be the absolute bottom of the dregs that would have anything to do with Wallace, the SSLOCSD and its corrupt BOD.

I heard through the grapevine that the State (what branch of “the state” I don’t know,) has ordered SSLOCSD to bring their lab back in house because…well… they need one. (Which I’m pretty sure is what the former lab tech told her supervisors when they were thinking of eliminating the lab tech position, what she told the board of directors at a board meeting and what she told the public.) Go figure. If there’s any truth to this rumor, I urge CCN to follow up and update us all.

where is John Wallace now?

Wherever Wallace is I imagine he’s busy hoping the unfolding CAPSLO story will keep the spotlight off him.

One has to wonder if there is anything about “Happy Town” that isn’t a farce.

Still collecting tons of taxpayer money thanks in part to AG Mayor Ferraro, and laughing all the way to the bank

On vacation in Mexico, where else?