SLO woman’s dog wins best of breed at Westminster

February 12, 2013

champ dogA dog co-owned by a San Luis Obispo women won best of breed at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show.

Champions Paragon Sharped Dressed Man At Greengate, a Brussels Griffon, is co-owned by Felicia Cashin of San Luis Obispo. Mary Gale and Kathy Fleener are the other owners.

The Brussels Griffon goes by the nickname of Sharpie. He is two-years-old.



  1. slojustice says:

    If I did not know better I would think this dog was using PED’S (performance enhancing drugs)

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  2. cosmos7 says:

    The same local owner also won with Tina Fey (another Brussels) last year.

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  3. choprzrul says:

    Very cool. Thanks for running this story ccn.

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  4. Jorge Estrada says:

    Is this the younger dark beard dog from District 2?

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