Woman sought in Atascadero bank robbery

February 15, 2013

Atascadero Police are searching for woman who robbed the Pacific Western Bank on Thursday shortly after 4 p.m.

The lone female entered the bank at 7035 El Camino Real, approached a teller and demanded cash. She left with an undisclosed amount of money.

The suspect was wearing jeans, a red shirt and a blue hat. Police are asking anyone with information about the robbery or suspect to call Atascadero Police at (805) 461-5051.

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I overlooked the possiblility that there may need to be a few domestic bank robberies to steer the attention away from the bank owners. In the world of magic, this is called a slide of the hand. If they caught her, she may have been hired by the bank to test their security? A little cynical but overlooking the camera placement is very strange, not to mention a list of high tech options that would make a thief surrender at the first opportunity.

I agree with Jorge on the cameras. It is unbelieveable that banks and stores actually think that pictures of ball cap bills will identify the face underneath it. Look at all the foolish surveillance photos of ball caps!

It takes very little investment–VERY little- to get small lensed-high resolution cameras at EYE LEVEL in virtually any store or bank. I am simply amazed at how backwards insurance underwriters and security companies remain in this area. Just plain stupid.

You’d think they’d just have a camera in your face at each teller. They can even have that lame “Smile! You’re on camera” sign under it. I bet some of these “less dangerous” robbers would think twice about trying to play banker themselves…. I mean rob the place.

Now that we know the camera placement is for hat theives, Feinstein may try to create a no hats in the bank law, sunglasses will be next.

I think you will find that most banks already have signs near their entries that request you remove sunglasses, hats, and helmets prior to entering.

As for Feinstein; she will probably claim that the woman was wearing an “assault hat”. She may even attempt to introduce an “Ass. Hat Ban”, but that would likely legislate her out of a job.


Man, if that was only a WHITE hat, we’d have Gilligan!

Bad move lil’ buddy!