500 gallon sewage spilled along the Bob Jones Bike Trail

March 18, 2013

bob jonesA broken sewer line in Avila Beach caused approximately 500 gallons of raw sewage to spill out along the Bob Jones Bike Trail between the Avila Beach Golf Course and Coffee Berry Place on Sunday.

Bikers and walkers along the trail reported the spill at about 10 a.m.

Personnel from the San Miguelito Mutual Water Company responded to the spill, excavated and isolated the sewer line and repaired the leak. The workers then applied lime (calcium hydroxide) to the sewage in an attempt to disinfect the bike path.

County Health Department official said the sewage did not enter the San Luis Obispo Creek.


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Well that stinks! Has to be a crappy job repairing that line, but sh!t happens!

(before holding your nose and calling foul my post, just realize you’re post number 2).