Aranguena jumps the gun on Cal Poly acceptance

March 7, 2013
Jeff Aranguena

Jeff Aranguena

A candidate for the open seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council, who recently withdrew from the race, may have been premature in announcing future plans.

Jeff Aranguena, a local high school teacher, sent out a press release earlier in the week announcing his decision. Aranguena, who previously ran for the council seat in 2012, announced that he was dropping out to attend graduate school at Cal Poly.

“Jeff Aranguena, candidate for San Luis Obispo City Council, announced today that he had been accepted into the Education, Leadership, and Administration Graduate program at Cal Poly, and so will not seek the open seat vacated by Andrew Carter,” the press release announced.

However, Cal Poly officials say no one has yet been accepted into the program.

Applications were due on March 1 and prospective students then have 30 days to provide support documentation before the interview process begins. There are no pre-approvals.

When contacted by CalCoastNews Thursday morning, Aranguena said he had indeed applied for the graduate program.

“I was informed by the program coordinator that my application was accepted upon verification of my proof of employment,” Aranguena said. “It’s an exciting professional opportunity that I’m looking forward to.”

Some political observers have suggested that an Aranguena campaign would have cut into support for fellow Democrat Carlyn Christianson, who recently announced her candidacy for the June mail-in election. Paul Brown, Andrea Miller, and Kevin Rice remain in the race.


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As one of designated by the “paper which must not be named” within the coveted “top” 20 under 40, a rising star in the local Democratic Party, and as someone who seems to have known no academic program that challenged his intellect; I suspect that Mr. Aranguena felt it was true that just filing the application with the Cal Poly Masters’ program equaled with acceptance.

Nice Guy. Naive. And lacking in the wisdom that comes from hard knocks or the difficulties most of the public have faced at some time in their lives. Give him ten years, and he may be ready for public service outside of the walls of academia. And hopefully by then he will have learned how to differentiate what he expects from what is true. Let’s cut him a little slack, for now. He may yet develop emotional intelligence.

Is there a comprehension issue here?

Acceptance of an application (based usually on completeness) does not equate with acceptance into the graduate program.

Perhaps some basic remedial English study might be in order for “Professor” Aranguena, before either graduate work or filing to run for a council seat?


Do you think that this guy thought that acceptance of his application meant that he had been accepted to the program, or did he think that no one would follow up and check the accuracy of his announcement?

Poor carpet-bagger-boy! I can just imagine the reaction of his Democratic Central Committee cronies…


Another example of Ready! Shoot! Aim!

This guy has really made his mark on local politics!

That should be Ready! Fire! Aim!

I’m glad that I’m not in politics.

This guy just seems way too “system” for me. I don’t know, maybe he’s a nice guy, etc. (but that’s what we heard about Hill, Gisbon,

Can we please elect candidates that are actually OUTSIDE the public sector? Please?

Does anyone else hear Homer Simpson in their head, “DoH!

I don’t think Cal Poly works that way? Do You?

They don’t make room for their friends or have back door deals… but then I thought the county was an honest place ,too.

The space comes after the comma, not before.

Literacy takes a dive, is that it?

Have you nothing better to do than correct people on insignificant typos? Go find something to do!