Co-conspirator describes Myers beating and burning

March 19, 2013

Dystiny MyersFormer Dystiny Myers murder defendant Jason Greenwell took the stand Monday in the trial of Jacob York and his mother, Rhonda Wisto, and described his account of the 2010 slaying of the 15-year-old Santa Maria runaway.

Greenwell, who pled guilty to second degree murder in exchange for a sentence of 15 years to life, admitted to aiding York, Ty Hill and Cody Miller in beating Myers to death and then burning her body in Santa Margarita on September 26, 2010. Greenwell testified to holding down Myers while York beat her with a baseball bat inside his room at Wisto’s house.

Prior to York beating Myers, Hill hit her at least three or four times in the head with the bat, Greenwell said. Then Hill told York to “Mark McGwire her legs,” and York used the bat hit Myers in the shins at least five times.

Greenwell, who lived with his co-conspirators at Whisto’s Nipomo home for the week leading up to the murder, said he overheard a conversation prior to the beating that indicated York did not want to participate in the killing of Myers. Greenwell said he stepped into Wisto’s room after Hill instructed the three other men to put on dark clothes and gloves.

“Jacob said to his mom, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ She said, ‘sometimes things just have to happen,’” Greenwell testified.

Greenwell said that Myers, who had also been living in Wisto’s home, would sleep in York’s room.

Just prior to the murder, Myers attempted to leave the residence. She packed her bags and said goodbye, but Hill wouldn’t let her leave. He handed Myers a cloudy drink claiming it was water, which she sensed was not right, and returned to York’s room.

When Greenwell entered York’s Room, Myers’s wrists were tied together in front of her face. Greenwell testified that she seemed “out of it” and that Hill said he gave her a shot of heroin.

Miller then placed duct tape around Myers’ neck and Hill and York began hitting her with their fists. In addition to punching her and beating her with a baseball bat, Hill also stomped on Myers several times.

Greenwell testified that Myers screamed at one point. Myers also had one final wish.

“She said tell her mom that she loved her,” Greenwell said.

Myers’ mother left the courtroom in tears upon hearing those words.

After Hill and York beat Myers, the 15-year-old remained alive. Hill picked up Myers’ by the rope attached to her legs and placed her in a duffel bag. The conspirators then loaded Myers into the back of a pickup truck along with sticks and supplies for burning her body that Wisto had gathered.

Hill, who drove the truck, stopped at a gas station in Pismo Beach. While at the gas station, police arrived but did not question the four conspirators. At that point, Myers appeared to still be alive and moving in the duffel bag in truck bed, Greenwell said.

Upon reaching their destination in Santa Margarita, Hill asked Miller whether Myers was still alive.

“He said no. He stuffed a glove down her throat,” Greenwell testified.

After the group dug a hole for Myers’ body, Hill gave York a nod, and York beat Miller in the head with a baseball bat, knocking him into the hole. After getting beaten in the hole with a shovel, Miller climbed out of the hole and successfully fled York.

Hill then spread lighter fluid and pellets all over the hole, which contained Myers’ body. Hill picked up a twig from the ground, lit it with his lighter and threw it into the hole.

“It was kind of a silent explosion,” Greenwell said. “There wasn’t any noise, but I could feel the heat.”

Hill, York and Miller then returned to Wisto’s home, stopping for tacos at a San Luis Obispo Jack in the Box on the way.


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Anyone who can read this or any of the other reports of the outrageous and violent death this young lady endured at the hands of these monsters and not get sick to their stomach is a wonder. She was but a pawn and a inconvienience for these doper murderers who would most likel have acted out the same way against anyone who got between them and their drugs.

She was brutally beaten, murdered and then burned, maybe alive to cover up a perceived dissing by the hen of the troop. She most likely told her minions to do the deed and cover it up, but it was discovered by CDF/Calfire(thanks guys) and the rest is history. Hope they burn…

Albert Einstein once said…

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”

I hope to God we do something to rid this world of these hideous, evil individuals.

I thought I was reading about CAPSLO / Family Ties again!

…or the unmanned drone article…

Guess Einstein’s observation holds true for most stories in the news.