Deputies catch burglars in action in Paso Robles

March 27, 2013
Leonard Felipe Trujillo

Leonard Felipe Trujillo

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Deputies located and arrested two north county residents burglarizing a Paso Robles tractor dealership early Tuesday morning.

The sheriff’s office received a call around 2:30 a.m. about two men using bolt cutters on the chain link fence at C & N Tractors in the 2600 block of Ramada Drive.

Deputies arrived at the tractor dealership and used a K9 to locate the first suspect, Paso Robles resident Leonard Felipe Trujillo, who was armed with a knife. Trujillo, 38, resisted arrest, so the K9 bit him.

Detectives then detained the second suspect, Atascadero resident Henry Theodore Lee Long, who was seen walking in the area. Long, 30, was in possession of burglary tools.

Officers booked both Trujillo and Long in San Luis Obispo County Jail. They took Trujillo to the hospital for treatment of the bite prior to booking him on a burglary charge. Long received charges of possessing burglary tools and being under the influence of a controlled substance.


Henry Theodore Lee Long


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What in the world is on that guy’s face?

Could be tatts. He owns a tattoo parlor.

Why do police departments have to hold fundraisers for K9’s? Seems like a no-brainer compared to the expensive disability costs for an injured officer or the lawsuit by the families of the perps when the cops have to shoot ’em.

Agreed. K9 dogs are awesome.

Sadly it seems the money goes to the prisons but the police depts do without.

I’m not talking about the highly paid police chiefs/ upper management, but the rank-and-file cops and K9 programs.

Heck, Paso police can’t even afford their annual Santa’s sleigh anymore.

I hope the dog recovers from having that nasty taste in its mouth.

I wonder if the K9 was trained to go after bad guys JUNK.

4 names? Could have been Presidential material.

As a business owner I hope they are sent away for a long time. People don’t seem to know how the loss of a single piece of equipment affects everyone from cost to the feeling of violation. I used to be worried about minding my own business but if your sketchy, expect some attention..

Great to hear the K9 has again taken a bite out of crime.