Marx blames “blog” in settling SLO flag dispute

March 6, 2013

flagThe San Luis Obispo City Council patched up its flag display policy Tuesday night, despite Mayor Jan Marx blaming a “blog” for raising the issue.

The council voted 3-1 to add Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, as well as September 11 and a fallen firefighters day, to a list of days in which it instructs staffers to fly flags at half-staff. Marx voted in favor of the flag policy additions, which many people requested after a December 2012 incident in which city management instructed staffers to raise a flag they had lowered in honor of the Pearl Harbor victims.

CalCoastNews first reported the flag dispute in a Dec. 10 article.

“This blog was never true or correct in its inaccurate and poorly done article,” Marx said Tuesday night. “They didn’t do the research they needed to do before they made their accusations.”

Marx said the city complied with its flag display policy during the Pearl Harbor Day incident.

“The blog insisted on with the ‘California city snubs president, victims of Pearl Harbor,’ despite numerous attempts to convey the actual city policy, which we did follow,” Marx said.

CalCoastNews reported in the article referenced by Marx that city management indeed complied with the flag policy in disallowing staffers to fly flags at half-staff on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day without mayoral approval. Marx, however, told CalCoastNews after the posting of the article that she did not learn about the request to lower the flag on Pearl Harbor Day until staff had already rejected it.

At Tuesday night’s council meeting, Marx said she endured “unnecessary and difficult” reaction to the raising of the flags on Pearl Harbor Day.

“Certain people who either work for the blog or read the blog then contacted various veterans groups around the country who are very concerned about these kinds of issues,” Marx said. “And then I got a lot of various nasty email from people all over the place who had a really distorted and inaccurate picture of what the role of the mayor is and what the policy of the city is.”

Prior to voting to add Pearl Harbor Day to the list of half-staff days, Marx said, “I support this change in the policy, so it will be even more clear, not that this is going to create better reporting on this blog.”

The council also considered amending the flag policy so that the mayor can only instruct staff to lower the city flag, and not the American flag, following the death of a prominent citizen of city employee. But, the council dropped that amendment to the policy after Councilman Dan Carpenter said it would show “some level of insignificance” to lower one flag and not the other.”

“We’re Americans first,” Carpenter said.

Councilwoman Kathy Smith cast the lone vote against the flag policy update. Smith said the council did not receive enough public input on the matter.

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Really Ms Smith, how much public comment is required. Unlike the city council most of the citizens of the area wish to honor our veterans and heroes. It is quite clear that you gang of 4 do not wish to pay tribute to our military heroes. You should pay closer attention, many of the homeless that your compatriots are selling forks and toliet paper to are veterans and you have a vested interest in keeping them happy and in the area…Ya can’t sell them goods and services and pocket the profits if they move out of the area…

Chico, Harpo, Groucho, and now Jano. “Those are my principles, and if you don’t like them… well, I have others.”

Blaaaaaaaahaha. Marx is absolutely crazy. What in the world is going on in this county. I really have to wonder if there is something in the water for real? I don’t think a day has gone by lately when I haven’t wondered how so many of our servants can be so unprofessional, irresponsible and unaccountable. This is the kind of behavior that I would expect from young children, in fact my kids knew better at the age of 12 than to blame, lie and throw temper tantrums.

I wonder if Jan Marx has ‘kung-fued’ any homeless men lately? Your childish story telling needs are noted Jan Marx, what a piece of work.

Wah, Wah, Wah. Hand Jan Marx a binky because her whining and pity-partying is getting old.

Marx needs to get her $hit together and straighten up her leadership of SLO.

The flag issue was one in a long string of failed leadership actions by Marx. There would have been nothing to report without the failed SLO leadership, once again, screwing up.

The fact that people expect community organizers to be leaders amazes me. They have never had any real leadership qualities their entire life, yet many of us keep expecting them to become these great leaders. We’re pretty stupid, sometimes.

BTW: I do not mean to direct that to you, Mary, but all of us in general – especially the dupes that keep voting for these clowns.

It’s so easy, isn’t it, Jan, to blame the news for your own idiocy months later. Stop hiding behind the veil of “CCN isn’t a news site, it’s a blog.” This is news. And even if it was a blog, CCN has every right for (and we darn sure appreciate them for) sharing the goings-on of your corrupt, misguided reign.

Seriously? Why is the flag code sooooo hard for people to understand. Stupid local government, YOU DON’T HAVE THE POWER TO FLY THE FLAG AT HALF STAFF. ONLY THE GOVERNOR AND PRESIDENT HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THAT DECISION.

Good Lord, I can’t decide which is worse:

that people get so worked up over flag position as to engage City Government

that this is a news story

that City Council wastes resources addressing this beyond a simple consent item.

Marx sounds like the villain in Scooby Doo: “Those meddlesome kids ruined everything!”

Well she is on the Adam mailing list………

racket, your post is laughing out loud funny but of course, TRUTH is what makes comedy comical.

I guess CCN reporting works, huh Jan? Imagine that…….Glad you got slapped by veterans from across this entire country and rightfully so. As for your policy of flying our American flag at half mast when a city employee dies, have some respect for the men and woman who really served and died for this country. A taxpayers service job in SLO is of no more honorable than those who work in the private sector. Lower the city flag when an employee does if you must but leave OUR AMERICAN FLAG out of it. Some of you servants are just so offensive and OUT OF TOUCH. If anything, you should lower the flag when one of your bosses dies and that’s us.

“At Tuesday night’s council meeting, Marx said she endured “unnecessary and difficult” reaction to the raising of the flags on Pearl Harbor Day.”

Well Jan, how would you characterize what our veterans went through at Pear Harbor? What you have endured IS NOTHING compared to what those men and women endured on that fateful day.

You have NO ONE but yourself to blame for your blatant disrespect and failure to honor those who gave their lives so many years ago.

You should be apologizing, not feeling sorry for yourself.

She really is pathetic, and her whining about being picked on is getting really old. This is supposed to be the leadership of SLO?

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