Myers mother speaks out after delivery of guilty verdict

March 25, 2013

Dystiny MyersA day after a San Luis Obispo jury found Rhonda Wisto and Jacob York guilty of kidnapping, torturing and murdering Dystiny Myers, the victim’s mother shared her thoughts on the trial. [KCOY]

Aileen Myers said she could hardly bear the point in the trial when co-conspirator Jason Greenwell testified that the last words her daughter spoke during her beating were to tell her mother she loved her.

“She was just getting beat by her legs, and all she could think of was tell my mommy I love her.” Myers said. “I went to the hospital that night, and I had to get some pills. I almost killed myself that night.”

Myers said she could still hear and feel her daughter’s brutal beating.

“I can hear the bats in my head hitting her skin. I can hear it, feel it, everything.”

Of the five individuals convicted of murdering her 15-year-old daughter, Myers said she only has respect for Greenwell.

“The only person out of all those five that I have any kind of respect for, anything for is Greenwell, only because this whole trial, this whole thing he never even looked at us one time,” Myers said.

The victim’s mother, however, said she felt bad for all four men involved in the murder because they had to answer to Wisto.

“I felt bad for all of them. That woman had so much control,” Myers said. “She thought she was going to get away and she thought this little girl was a nobody”

The jury convicted Wisto and her son, York, Friday of first-degree murder with kidnapping and torture enhancements, as well as of conspiracy to commit murder. Greenwell, Ty Hill and Cody Miller each plead guilty to murdering Myers.

Aileen Myers said she found letters her daughter wrote lying around her house, and she reads them everyday.


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The only thing Dystiny deserved was mercy, which her killers failed to provide and will now rightly rot in prison.

I am certain her Mom will forever look back on her failures, and wonder if she could have done more to save her daughter. God forbid that anyone should have a parental failure come back to haunt them!

“will now rightly rot in prison” ,and at what is the going rate, $60,000 plus a year of taxpayer money for each person, why?

I have to go along with first two posters

this is just a sidebar to a truly sad story about the death of a young teen.

Going back 15 years I would have to ask where were the parents?

And the answer for me is very clear from looking at the article mentioned and the photo of the “mommy”…

The girl deserved real PARENTS.

The high cost of the prison system is a whole other debate. The fact is prison is the best place for society to place these killers. If you want to drive down that cost, get the small time drug users out and into rehabilitation programs that cost less and do more. Save prison for the killers/rapists/burglars.

These mean-spirited comments are uncalled for. Hasn’t this poor woman paid enough. She will also have to live with the memory of her daughter’s brutal death.

She also has to live with the probability that her OWN substance abuse was the reason that her daughter ended up where she did. Her daughter more than likely already knew from watching Mommy, how to do drugs or abuse alcohol.

For her other two children’s sake, I hope she’s learned from this.

Quoting the interview of Aileen Meyers given to KCOY on March 23rd.

“Aileen says she has been sober for two years since the murder and is raising her two remaining sons.”

That statement alone gives a lot of insight into why her daughter was a runaway.

Hope she’s doing a better job with her sons.

If your 15 year-old daughter is a runaway meth-head hanging around these folks, I think the label “Mommy” is a bit overreaching. The poor girl deserved better parents, to start with.