Atascadero Police arrest man for credit card fraud

March 24, 2013

carAtascadero Police officers arrested a 20-year-old Bradley man who had more than $60,000 worth of stolen property purchased using stolen credit card numbers. [KSBY]

A joint operation by the Atascadero Police Department, Santa Monica Police Department, and Monterey County Sheriff’s Department led to the seizure of property Vincent Gerard Tarantino  had purchased including 27,000 rounds of ammunition. Stolen property included electronics, a John Deer riding mower, and expensive clothing and accessories,

The joint investigation took place over several weeks and at least three people have been arrested.

During Tarantino’s arrest, Atascadero Police found a loaded, unregistered 45 caliber handgun and marijuana in the vehicle he was driving.




  1. getoverit333 says:

    If you believe that spending over 2 million dollars in arresting one small fish out of hundreds of BIGGER fish, you are all naive. I would hope to believe that as an American every man is innocent until proven guilty, when has the media ever told you the truth? The Atascadero police department has had major flaws and discrepancies throughout their investigation. Millions of dollars, when they could put that towards the COUNTRIES that make it LEGAL to hack and commit credit card fraud and identity theft. There is a much larger picture out there, people. Put your focus on major cities in the US.. On Africa, Russia, China… In no way do I believe this is RIGHT, but some people are a product of circumstance and environment. Everyone makes mistakes some much worse then others, when he is convicted, start your mouthes, until then you are no more innocent then he is and thousands of people who have been wrongfully convicted because our justice system is too lazy to do their jobs thoroughly.

  2. Jorge Estrada says:

    Registered or unregistered guns, in my opinion, is not the story. I read a partial inventory of what has be found in the possesion of THIEVES. Great to hear they were busted and I totally support exporting the manufacturing of redemption. At one time I found Mexico to be practical but that no longer is affordable for housing criminals. Now China is the place to be, ask Walmart, they already have factories for criminals to work, where they can earn their keep. Who knows, the crimeployees may even get to manufacture police whistles and uniforms. Is “oh dang” chinese?

    • Jorge Estrada says:

      I can tell that a few have not seen Argo yet. Humor can be healthy…..

  3. Jack L says:

    27K rounds of ammo? He must have bought that over a year ago. There is no ammo for sale on line, at least not that much. There is not that much for sale in gun shops these days either.

    Thieves and liars are really down there in the stinking muck of the lowlife. And to think he is doing this at such a young age. No doubt will be a guest of the stone motel for much of his life.

    A+ to our law enforcement. Taxes well spent.

    • MaryMalone says:

      The unregistered .45 was also a little disconcerting.

      • Harley says:

        Big deal. There are millions of legally unregistered guns including thousands of .45’s out there. They’ve been around and owned since long before there was even any thought of registration.

        I know, I have several myself.

      • Harley says:

        Would you have felt better if it was registered? Would registration have made it less lethal? I’d understand if you were a bit concerned that it was loaded and in the car.

      • Citizen says:

        It’s too bad that Mr. Tarantino doesn’t have City Manager Jim App, the former Police Chief of Atascadero, and Jerry Shea, District Attorney, to cover up the loaded unregistered gun until the statute of limitations runs out like they did for our former Police Chief, Lisa Solomon.

  4. BeenThereDoneThat says:

    Got a credit card thief? GOOD!!! Prosecute the little P.O.S. to the FULL extent of the law. I am so TIRED of indentity thieves and credit card thieves. Arrest them all!!!

    • MaryMalone says:

      Interestingly, CAPSLO’s head of homeless services has also been accused of theft similar to that which Mr. Tarantino has been accused.

      She allegedly took gift cards meant for CAPSLO’s homeless clients, and used them for herself, and handed them out to her kids to use.

      Wouldn’t it be great to see the kind of police action launched against Mr. Tarantino also launched against Dee Torres?

      • localbeachbum says:

        Oh My God..get over it!!! Really MaryMalone…do you have nothing to do with your life but comment on every gosh dang thing here and then somehow twist it too be part of the CAPSLO’s big cover up? You can keep saying whatever you want…but the truth has already been uncovered. If you cared you would have been at the meeting. But instead you keep spreading more and more trash. Why is that?????…..because you sound pretty pathetic sitting in your room with your tinfoil hat and claiming everything is conspiracy theory. I am starting to think you have mental illness just from reading your asinine comments…..really get a life and go do some good. I’m 100% sure you’re NOT out there helping the homeless or whatever your little rant is on……………better get more tinfoil!!!!!!!!

  5. r0y says:

    Definitely need more laws regarding guns, because this guy had one and he sounds like a bad guy!

    • Black_Copter_Pilot says:

      “because this guy had one and he sounds like a bad guy!”

      I’ve a closet full of guns. Because I have them, does that make me a bad guy?

      The laws we have need to be used, not just held as a threat. Hundreds of thousands of felons tried to purchase guns in the past, but only a handful were charged with breaking the law.

    • OnTheOtherHand says:

      Too subtle, rOy. Given your past posts, the others commenting should have figured that out but they didn’t.

    • Theo P. Neustic says:

      haha! Looks like you’re fooling some of the duller ones here.

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