Nipomo cockfighting ring uncovered

March 9, 2013

Sheriff’s deputies discovered a cockfighting ring while serving a search warrant at Orchard Road in Nipomo on Friday morning.

During their search, deputies from San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s offices discovered two large compounds that were walled off from public view. The compounds contained 233 roosters held in individual cages.

Deputies impounded the roosters as evidence while they continue their investigation.

Possession of birds with the intent to use them in a fighting exhibition is a misdemeanor punishable by six months in jail and/or a fine of up to $10,000.



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That’s government at its best, heavily armed law enforcement officers protecting us? The chickens? Don’t we eat those things?

think those things would tough as shoe leather?

Hehe, yeah.

$25,000 plus wasted, and people wonder why California is in the condition it’s in.

I don’t think the police are really trying to stay on top of this situation because cock-fighting rings are repeatedly found in Nipomo.

This confirms it. Nipomo has gone to the cocks.

These cocks deserve a chance for a better life. As we speak, our concerned county government is hiring high-paid professionals to run a newly created department that will re-abilitate these cocks: COCKSLO. My county government insiders have informed me that more than one of these cocks is planning on running for a position on the county board of supervisors, where they will surely feel at home.


Clever and hilarious!

When will these cock fighting neandertrals accept the fact that they’re NOT in Mexico anymore?

What kind of jerk thinks it’s entertaining to strap some spurs onto roosters, put two in a pen and watch them fight to the death? It’s sickening.

Cockfighting is popular the world over because roosters LOVE to be fight, every farm has a manure pile with the resident rooster on top challenging all comers,has less to do with national origin and more to do with gambling I wager.

Misdemeanor activity in Calif.

Roosters don’t love to fight.

They fight as a natural response to territorial challenges, especially challengers that want to mate with the rooster’s hens.

If this is a professional operation (and with 233 roosters, I would think it is), then these roosters bred to fight, trained to fight, and given pharmaceuticals to make them more agitated, vicious fighters.

The roosters comb, wattles and native spurs are removed. Often, the roosters’ chests, legs and sometimes its head and back, are plucked clean. Sometimes the roosters plucked areas are either scaled red or dyed red.

None of the fighting roosters are acceptable for re-homing because they have been physically and mentally destroyed, and any worth the roosters might still have, outside of fighting, is gone. I have not heard of a humane society or similar facility that will re-home fighting roosters. They are humanely euthanized.

How do you know what roosters love? Or that they are even capable of love?

@Mary Combs, Wattles, Spurs (Trimmed not removed) are Trimmed to show at poultry shows other wise they are disqualified. Its a requirement to Dubb OE Game Birds, OE Game Bantams, Modern Game, American Game, American Game Bantams. Birds at commercial facilities are also Dubbed. People are already condemning and judging the owner for have a Cockfighting Facility when there hasn’t been any mention of any actual proof, knifes, drugs, injured birds, dead birds etc, As it seems, its that has poultry, if it’s his/her hobby fine, maybe he shows birds at shows, maybe he just has them because he likes how they look. I know People that have hundred of bantams, Rhode Island Reds, Silkies, should I tell them to watch out because they might get raided, because they have alot of poultry caged in separate pens. At least 25,000 dollars, went into this and they seem to have come out empty handed(otherwise they would have shown the evidence to make themselves look good), hopefully the Counties get sued for assuming the worst of people, Having birds of any kind is not illegal, even if they are American Game or Old English Game, Oriental Fowl as long as they are well kept and healthy. Also, so called Fighting birds can be just as gentle as any other breed, just can’t be housed with another male, they can’t be acceptable for “Re-Homing” because that’s what they want people to think and its their excuse for killing them. Anyone that has poultry knows that even Rhode Island Reds can be more viscious then any “Fighting Bird”.

There we go again, assuming, someone sure sounds like a racist if I ever heard of one, first of all there’s NO mention of any names, 2nd NO proof there were any injured or abused animals(otherwise it would been mentioned), why not wait for it to go to court and wait for the outcome. What do you expect authorities to say? We wasted tax payers money and we came out empty handed, just found alot of chickens (LEGAL), that were dubbed(Missing Combs/ LEGAL), had trimmed spurs(LEGAL), and were kept in separate cages(LEGAL), I have many bantams(miniatures) kept in separate cages so they don’t damage their feather or fight, should I be worried? That’s right I’m white, i don’t have to worry about anything, only illegals get raided for having chickens. I believe in INOCCNENT until proven guilty, not the other way around., but that’s just me, I guess you wouldn’t make a good Jury Member, if it’s somone hispanic he/she is guilty before the trial even begins.

Cockfighting was legal for a VERY long time in the U.S. I think it became illegal in the remaining states within the past 5 years.

Your direct insult toward Mexicans is very racist.

It’s not surprising considering all the other disease you spread on here.

You should just leave this area and move somewhere where you can be happier.

You will be happier and we will be happier without you.

Us Asians, Mexicans, Blacks, and all the other minorities would be very happy.


Where the hell do you impound 233 roosters. And what does that cost?

coq au vin

I believe the time honored custom here in San Luis Obispo County is for the Sheriff to hold a chicken BBQ for those who support targeting of these operations in preparation for the June 2014 election.

They will only be impounded as evidence, and when the case is settled, they will be humanely euthanized.

Great word-pairing: Humanely euthanized…. like jumbo shrimp, or government efficiency

Did you know that most of these cases get pleaded and the owners get to keep the birds and pay a small fine, rather then pay attorney’s $10,000 to go to trial, even if they are inoccent? Rarely do birds get euthanized, because there isn’t suffient evidence.

thought two: better layout than the Humane Society

now what am i gong to do tonight?

And NOBODY was arrested……

….or deported.

Why assume they were Hispanic? do a little research, there’s a reason this breed of birds are called “AMERICAN GAME”. You might be surprised to, find who in Amreican history was a Cock Fighter ! Where do you think Honest Abe got his nick name?? he was a Cockfighting Judge known for his honesty in the pit ! Why do planes have a COCK PIT, Why is South Carolina’s University “The Game Cocks”, did you know the Game Cock was Going to be the National Bird and Lost to the Bald Eagle by 1 vote, etc., Go to poultry shows, many exhibitors of different races own these kinds of breeds of fighting birds, but if you take them to show they aren’t fighting birds they are show birds.

I think you should be banned for these stupid comments.

misdemeanor in Ca.

Exactly, sounds like they don’t have the case they thought they would have. Seems to me like they have lack of evidence too, otherwise they would have flaunted the evidence.