Investigators estimate Vandenberg pot at $2.8 million

March 13, 2013

pangaDepartment of Homeland Security investigators have estimated the value of the marijuana that operators of a panga boat left on a Vandenberg Air Force Base beach last week at nearly $2.8 million. [Santa Maria Times]

Vandenberg personnel discovered an overturned panga boat, along with bales of marijuana and six fuel containers at Wall Beach on March 7.

On Monday, Homeland Security investigators said they found a total of 75 bricks of marijuana weighing 1,728 pounds. The panga boat smugglers left the nearly $2.8 million of marijuana in bales stashed in a ditch and covered with ice plant and other foliage. Investigators have yet to locate any suspects.

“I don’t think it was their intended landing site,” said Homeland Security agent David Wales.

Wales said drug smugglers typically have ground crews waiting to transport the contraband once it arrives. Vandenberg does not allow public access to the section of the coast where the panga beached.

Although the panga landing was the first at a Vandenberg beach, panga boats have appeared much more frequently in California in the past year than in previous.

In fiscal year 2012, California officials recorded 210 maritime smuggling incidents. Four years prior, officials recorded only 45 maritime smuggling events in the state.

Three panga boats, each carrying marijuana, beached near San Simeon in 2012.


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Investigators estimate Vandenberg pot at $2.8 million


What a joke. Not in California, Washington or Colorado. So stop with the hopped up arbitrariness of some make pretend, illegal end user value.

In many cases pot is now free. And legal. So figure that into your valuation. Yes, you have to comply with state law but if you do, you can actually grow your own for free. Arbitrarily assigning the pot some peak of the illegal market end user value is a joke. It’s like saying the avocados on my avocado tree have the value Vons or Albertsons is selling them for in Minnesota times 5, when in reality I have to give them away to friends here.

Perhaps this pot is extra valuable b/c they were able to smuggle it onto a high security government installation.

I’m thinking the reality here is that some desperate hillbilly Mexicans put everything they had into this hair-brained scheme–which was probably around $5,000-$10,000 and included the boat, a supply of gas to get them from Mexico to central California and the pot.

Then, they found themselves running extremely low on gas so so they ran the boat ashore at the first place that looked remote and just abandoned the operation before they could make contact with their co-conspirators in CA. They probably had no clue they put ashore on military property.

Reality is rarely as glamorous as writers make it seem.

More likely, they put in at VAFB because that WAS their destination. Black ops took over from there.


More likely, they put in at VAFB because that WAS their destination. Black ops took over from there.


That’s it. No more dime store novels for you. Ok, $12 store novels if paperback and $20 if hard cover and god only knows what some airport stores are now charging.

Anyway, you get the point.

The brainwashed never wonder.

Well said abc.

Legalize it, then tax it.