Plane crashes at Paso Robles airport

March 12, 2013

A single engine aircraft crashed at the Paso Robles Airport Monday afternoon while attempting to land and take off again without coming to a stop.

Paso Robles firefighters responded to the crash after the failed touch and go maneuver around 1:38 p.m.

The aircraft suffered significant damage, but the pilot did not sustain any injuries.

Cal Fire, the California Highway Patrol and the Paso Robles Police Department also responded to the small plane crash.

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This was an experienced pilot in a vintage aircraft that is known to be difficult to land, therefore he was practicing landings by performing a normal “touch-and-go” maneuver that is used by all pilots in both training and re-currency.

As far as insurance, those of us who fly these antique airplanes already pay higher premiums because the unforgiving landing characteristics of the aircraft we fly. She’ll be rebuilt and fly again.

A touch and go is practicing taking off and landing. It’s pretty standard – how else does one learn to do it except by practicing? And while it may seem simple, the wind, or traffic at the airport, or any number of other factors can make even a simple maneuver a challenge, especially to a newer pilot. Wolfhoud is right – any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. I hope the pilot will not be freaked out by this and quit flying.

The photo I have from a helicopter pilot that was there is not clear, but it appears to be a tail-dragger which is what most of us really old pilots were trained in.

You gotta stay ahead of the curve, or she’ll swap ends in a heart-beat especially in a crosswind, as you stated, and especially a short one as this plane appears to be.

How right you are; I did my share of ground-loops learning to do the rudder pedal tap dance in my little taildragger. I was lucky, tho, & never even damaged the aircraft. Scary, tho…

It was a” Waco” which is a really short longitudinal fuselage biplane.

That guy will probably do it again & get it right, then be one hell of a good.taildrager pilot.

Yes, it was sorta of a touch & go, only he touched down and lost it, ended up in a vertical tail-up attitude in the grass aside the runway.

But, I guess it was a good landing because he walked away from it uninjured, as you say.

Like my Dad told me when he was teaching me to fly, “Taking off is easy, landing can kill you…”

A touch-and-go? Was it a pilot in training or something? This is unfortunate; I hate to think of the insurance premiums after this. At least no one was hurt.