Dazed man with loaded guns and a machete arrested

March 14, 2013
Turner Newman

Turner Newman

San Luis Obispo police arrested a “dazed and confused” man outside Heritage Oaks Bank Wednesday morning after discovering he had loaded guns and other weapons in his car.

Around 6:18 a.m., the San Luis Obispo Police Department received a call about a suspicious man sitting in the bank parking lot from a bank employee.

When the police arrived, Turner Newman, a 20-year-old San Luis Obispo resident, allowed officers to search his vehicle. The officers found a loaded shotgun, a loaded handgun, ammunition, handcuffs, a large machete, zip ties, leg restraints and duct tape.

Police arrested Newman for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle and for carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle. The officers seized all of the suspicious items and booked Newman in San Luis Obispo County Jail on $20,000 bail.

San Luis Obispo police are conducting an investigation into Newman’s behavior.



Lets see, “dazed and confused male”, sitting in car in a bank parking lot at 6:18 in the morning, with “loaded shotgun, a loaded handgun, ammunition, handcuffs, a large machete, zip ties, leg restraints and duct tape.”, what could wrong with this picture?


Y’all are speculating based on upon what the police said. More likely the guy was sleeping in his car in the parking lot. More likely he had LOTS of things in his car, besides zip ties and duct tape, two things that would come in handy if you were living in your car. The guns were possibly to defend himself. Aside from stupidly consenting to the police search, this guy did NOTHING except allow his constitutional rights to be violated. And he probably was NOT dazed and confused other than being woken up by the police.


Senor Kaney~You suggest that posters are speculating (which many tend to do), yet you use terms in your post such as “More likely,” “possibly,” and “stupidly.” Wassup wit dat? A little pot v. kettle?

Jack L

Loaded firearms in your vehicle is a crime even if they were in locked containers. They must be unloaded. The sum of it’s parts in this case is larger than your argument in my opinion.


Think drugs might have something to do with this.


Google his name and San Luis Obispo and you’ll find a video of a young man in a military uniform wishing a Merry Christmas 2011 to his family in SLO from his camp in South Korea.


It looks like it could be the same young man. It’s a sad situation whether it’s him or not.


right out of Hollywood…”.Dazed and Confused” while “Armed and Dangerous”…”The Perfect Storm”


This is disturbing. It sounds like he had the intention of abducting someone from the items he had in his possession. Question is did he have a target or was it going to be random? Either way creepy.


Not to mention, one has to be 21 in order to purchase and own a handgun in California. Is he a CA native? Not sure about other states’ laws re: handgun age, but it is 21 here.

….and it is legal to carry a concealed firearm in a car, it’s called the trunk. Always keep them locked up in a lockable case (so they cannot open it, even if searching a car).