Firefighter injured in student housing fire

March 11, 2013

stenner glenA San Luis Obispo student housing complex caught on fire Saturday morning, causing one firefighter to end up in the hospital.

The fire began around 11:02 a.m. Saturday on the third floor of the Stenner Glen apartment complex at 1050 Foothill Blvd. The San Luis Obispo Fire Department responded and found flames in two bedrooms within a six-bedroom suite.

A roof collapsed on a firefighter battling the flames and an ambulance transported him to a local emergency room. No other injuries occurred during the fire.

San Luis Obispo firefighters extinguished the fire, with the help of CalFire, within 25 minutes of receiving the 911 call.

Stenner Glen staff evacuated 20 occupants from the building that caught fire. The fire significantly damaged four of the six bedrooms in the Stenner Glen suite. Management of the student housing complex provided temporary housing on site for the displaced tenants.

The fire caused approximately $150,000 of damage to the property and $25,000 of damage to personal belongings.

A resident in the bedroom next to the one that caught on fire was sleeping at the onset of the blaze. A smoke detector successfully alerted the sleeping resident.

San Luis Obispo fire investigators are still investigating the cause of the flames.

Saturday’s fire was the second of the year at the Stenner Glen complex. Another fire occurred in a Stenner Glen apartment in early January.


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Sleeping at 11 am… I have half a day’s work done by then.

She was sleeping at 11 am because she was working the night before thank you and didn’t get off till very late. Some people work at night.

Owners of apartments in San Luis Obispo city with three or more units are required to pay an annual fire inspection fee to prevent this very type of occurrence. Stenner Glen probably pays HUNDREDS of dollars every year, based on the number of units there, for fire inspections. When was the last time such an inspection was done? Was the fire the result of a tenant problem (smoking in bed? Stove left on?) or a problem in the building itself – if the latter, why wasn’t this found? Are city inspectors actually doing these inspections? I’d love to see the records especially since this is the second fire three months.

This student housing, they were probably lighting farts.

The fire was not caused by the tenant she was sleeping!! Not smoking in bed!! In addition there is no kitchen in these rooms so theres no way a stove could have been left on. So you shouldnt assume stuff and post it online about one of my best friends. Thanks =]

This is CCN — wild speculation about circumstance and causes is the norm here. That said, I would have made the same guess and, having read the article, I would have guessed that it was due to something whoever occupied the adjacent bedroom did, not your friend.

Take it easy, I wasn’t criticizing anyone, just trying to get more information.