Teen dies after being hit by multiple vehicles

March 30, 2013

chalkA Bakersfield teen died Saturday morning after being ejected from a jeep and then hit by multiple vehicles on Highway 101 just north of State Route 166. [KSBY]

The driver of the jeep was southbound when he veered into the center guardrail at about 2:20 a.m. The backseat passenger, who was not wearing a seatbelt, was ejected from the jeep.

The driver and a second passenger, both teens from Bakersfield, were not injured.

Officials from the California Highway Patrol told KSBY alcohol and drugs were not involved in the accident and that all of the drivers who hit the 18-year-old victim drove away without stopping.


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I think the most important part of this story is the other two people were wearing seat belts and were not injured . I think every parent should send a link of this story to their teen driving kids .

“Nothing good happens after midnight”

Yes, this is the norm. In SanDiego this type of scene is reported several times a week.

It’s usually drug, or alcohol related. Along with our many unlicensed drivers in SD county, remember SD is a border city after all.

Right on schedule…..Monday morning in SD, another hit and run.

Just google 10 News for SanDiego and see the mess. We are

off to a busy week.

SD has seen this for decades. Kids get wasted in Tijuana and most tend to fall asleep at about the 30 mile mark around Encinitas heading home.

Isn’t the latest booze craze just great?

They most likely did know they hit him. That is the new norm, especially in LA, and especially with undocumented aliens (illegals) getting into auto accidents-hit and run. Get used to it. It’s cheaper than auto insurance if you can get away with it. Shows the effectiveness of laws against driving uninsured or talking/texting on cell phones, too.

“all of the drivers who hit the 18-year-old victim drove away without stopping.”

This is somewhat disturbing. I find it to be as disturbing as the rest of the story. It is hard to believe the drivers didn’t know they hit a person.