67-year-old crash lands into vineyard

April 21, 2013

vineyardA 67-year-old Novato man crashed landed his plane into a Sonoma County vineyard on Saturday and then walked away unhurt. [SanFranciscoChronicle]

Patrick Bell took off from Petaluma Airport and was flying over unincorporated Bennetts Valley when he discovered that his plane wasn’t able to accelerate, Bennets Valley Fire Department Lt. Rene Torres told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Bell landed in a vineyard in unincorporated Santa Rosa where he wiped out about 20 plants. Firefighters arrived to discover the plane upside down and Bell outside the two-seat, single-engine Stearman Biplane with friends, who he had called to the scene.

According to Bells Linkedin profile, he loves to do aerobatics in his plane, which was made in 1942.