Abel Maldonado vying for the governor’s seat

April 5, 2013
Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Former lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado filed papers Thursday to explore a run for governor. [LATimes]

By filing papers, Maldonado, who hasn’t officially said he is joining the race, can begin to raise money for a challenge against Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown is up for reelection in 2014.

“It’s time for a new direction. We need a new way,” said Maldonado to the LA Times. “Some will resist the change, and to those, I say you will like irrelevance even less. I think it’s time that we move forward with some bold ideas, bold solutions and I believe we can do better as Californians.”

Maldonado has hired nationally known GOP strategists John Weaver and Vincent Harris to lead his campaign efforts.

Critics note that Maldonado, a Republican from Santa Maria, has lost his last two races. In 2010 he lost his bid for Lt. Governor to Democrat Gavin Newsom. Then in 2012, he made an unsuccessful House bid against Democrat Lois Capps

“This is a candidate who couldn’t get elected to Congress in his home district less than five months ago,” said Tenoch Flores, spokesman for the California Democratic Party, to the LA Times.


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Why not un-Able? Who else ya got?

Man, is he a popular guy! CalCoastNews readers LOVE them some Abel Moldynotnow (not ever).

I am a conservative but if this sleezeball runs I will vote for Jerry Brown. Abel Maldonado is a slimey, whining sleezeball with no concern for the people of the State of California. He is only concerned about what will get him to the next level of Government.

Abel, why don’t you go out and pick Strawberries with the illegals you hire in your fields.

and this differs from what we have now????? how?????

So an illegal immigrant took YOUR job picking strawberries?

Volver al barrio Abel. Santa Maria te necesita.

Abel please go away you are an embarrassment and a detriment to real politics

Dear Abel:

Please go home and be quiet.

“This is a candidate who couldn’t get elected to Congress in his home district less than five months ago,” … um, more like “This is a candidate who couldn’t get elected to local dog catcher if he even tried” . Abel, please do run; it helps for you to siphon off any and all Republican donor monies into a “destined to fail” campaign enabling Governor Brown to cruse to another landslide victory. The suggestion that Abel is even considering a run for Governor is so sad it is almost funny. Please, just “go away”.

So… we get to choose between a rat and a snake in this fight, eh? Swell.

more like a snake and a snake