Abel Maldonado vying for the governor’s seat

April 5, 2013
Abel Maldonado

Abel Maldonado

Former lieutenant governor Abel Maldonado filed papers Thursday to explore a run for governor. [LATimes]

By filing papers, Maldonado, who hasn’t officially said he is joining the race, can begin to raise money for a challenge against Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown. Brown is up for reelection in 2014.

“It’s time for a new direction. We need a new way,” said Maldonado to the LA Times. “Some will resist the change, and to those, I say you will like irrelevance even less. I think it’s time that we move forward with some bold ideas, bold solutions and I believe we can do better as Californians.”

Maldonado has hired nationally known GOP strategists John Weaver and Vincent Harris to lead his campaign efforts.

Critics note that Maldonado, a Republican from Santa Maria, has lost his last two races. In 2010 he lost his bid for Lt. Governor to Democrat Gavin Newsom. Then in 2012, he made an unsuccessful House bid against Democrat Lois Capps

“This is a candidate who couldn’t get elected to Congress in his home district less than five months ago,” said Tenoch Flores, spokesman for the California Democratic Party, to the LA Times.



Those who can, work.

Those who cannot, run for Lt. Governor…or the House…or Governor.

GIve it up, Abel. Please, PLEASE stop running for office.


Abel, you’re simply not able to govern this state.

Russ J

I would rather vote for Karl Marx than this republican, tax cheating, tax raising, hypocritical traitor. For those conservatives that buy into this buffoon’s rhetoric, you deserve to have your wealth confiscated. Jerry’s democratic successor can do that for you.


Who would vote for a buffoon?

eradicate ignorance

If he is one of the best that the Republican party has to offer then they really are in big trouble.

Jorge Estrada

Yes we could use a fresh change and a courtesy flush. Abel save your ambition for local politics and donate your time to your family.


Its that time of year, someone needs to to raise their hand and offer to run, if we don’t get someone to run either Brown rot will get in again or we’ll get another greenie Democrat to take office, we have to get some body in that office that might be able to put a stop to all this spending,taxing,and feeing, that Brown has has allowed to go on despite his claims of cleaning up that problem in office, plus all the run amuck quasi govt agencys that control our lives.

Able most likely isn’t our best choice, he’d likely remove border controls and get elected by the Hispanic vote, but we’re just about over run with illegals already.

fat chance

Abel, please give it up………what’s next, dog catcher……..


let’s see, running against Jerry Brown? this should provide great discussion


If he wins, then maybe he will find the money to pay his IRS debt. Probably lots of money to be found in Sacramento.