Colby Jack’s Café and Bakery shutting its doors

April 26, 2013

colby jacksAfter less than two years at the Atascadero Carlton Hotel, Colby Jack’s Café & Bakery is shutting its doors, the third restaurant to fail at the location in the past four years.

Previously, Shockley’s closed after a year at the location. Before that, the state ordered the property’s owner David Weyrich to shut down The Carlton Restaurant & Grill because of a failure to pay state taxes.

Colby Jack’s owners Jack and Natalie Dorris, who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection last month, said that the rising cost of doing business, declines in the restaurant industry and an inability to renegotiate their lease agreement led to the restaurants closure.

“We have tried to work with and negotiate with David Weyrich of The Carlton Hotel for several months in an effort to renegotiate the terms of our lease, but we have not been able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement, Jack and Natalie Dorris said in an email. “We did enter into this business relationship in good faith hoping we could grow our businesses together and to create a harmonious working relationship within the hotel, however, we were only able to achieve that goal for a short period of time.”

Colby Jack operations in the Carlton Hotel will continue through the end of May. The Dorrises said they plan to honor their banquet and catering commitments until that time.

Their Bakery Manager Cassie Hunt will continue to honor the wedding cake bookings for the remainder of the year.

“It is with great regret that after nearly five years of hard work and service that Colby Jack’s will close its doors,” the Dorrises said. “We’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing and talented people and we will do our best to help them transition on to new employment.”


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I give Natalie and Jack kudos for trying to bring something nice to our community. Warwick is a sleaze ball. It didn’t help Colby Jack when they had the water main break and closed them down for a week. Atascadero is not going to change until people change our city officials. It’s still the “good old boys club”.

Do business with Weyrich at your peril. He is BEYOND sleazy.

David Weyrich is a huge LOSER, and it seems just about everything he has been associated with fails….yes, I know, he’s freaking rich, well so is Mitt, and he’s a loser too. I hope someone gets in there and makes a go of it, but probably not as long a Weyrich is involved as a landlord though…


Do they give away free CAPSLOCK keys, too?

Granted, Guest House Grill might be the best restaurant in Atascadero; still, I’ll to Templeton, PR or SLO before there, ’cause who the heck wants to eat in a supermarket parking lot?

It’s the insane idea that property must have a 100% increase in value within a few years. For a while, it did – or better. Developers flipped real estate like cheap burgers, each time the next “investor” was stuck with a bigger bill… that ultimately trickles down to tenants.

I mean, one must sell a LOT of stuff to make $10K a month in rent alone (with or without NNN). So many landlords are still living in 1995, it’s not funny.

One of my favorite spots in SLO is the old Sambo’s/Denny’s near ARCO by LOVR & 101… From what I understand, Denny’s is still leasing the spot for $14,000/month or so, subletting it to the current place there (which is excellent home-made food, btw), SLO Coast Diner. So outrageous rents are nothing new around here.

OMG, I ate there once and got so sick, never again! I use to go in once in a while and help support the folks that put the waffle house in and when the City of SLO wouldn’t let them put up a large sign so that freeway traffic could see them. Real support for the business community and economic growth there SLO!

Somebody probably forgot to wash his/her hands after having a potty break.

I think the Galaxy Theaters was a step in the right direction to revitalize the area. Good idea to group several restaurants together like in Paso Robles or SLO. Atascadero Lake Park is a gem in the rough with the zoo, the paddle boats in summer, those beautiful big trees. Certainly the layout of the city is a huge challenge but it is also an opportunity for neat little pockets of small businesses, restaurants and innovative housing. Some of that has happened naturally.

Atascadero may never become a tourist destination (and there is nothing wrong with that BTW) but implementing some of the ideas shared in these comments would make it a lot nicer for residents.

Not to mention the activities throughout the year involving the Zoo, concerts in the park two a week during the summer, and that beautiful Veterans Memorial walk.

Your comments are good, we are not Paso and that is OK!

The water in the Lake needs serious attention. No matter how wonderful the Zoo and concerts are, its the water that makes the venue a “lake.” Love the zoo, love the trees, love the park…the water is horrid.

I should think that some sort of circulation and filtration system would do the trick, it’s a small lake. How expensive could that be? Maybe even seeding the lake with the right water plants that create oxygen and natural filtration would do the trick. What’s the problem out there, why can’t or don’t we correct that?

Thank you Cindy! I’ve always thought the lake would be a great project for a CalPoly environmental engineering class. The lake looks so sad even in April. There must be improvements that can be made.

Drain tthe Lake…. and look whats been thrown in it for years. It was a dump site long before housing in the area. Check the number of area septic tanks and drainage fields that have never been checked….. or serviced. Yes it can be helped…. but very costly !!!