De Vaul reaches settlement with SLO county

April 24, 2013

devaulOwner of Sunny Acres ranch Dan De Vaul agreed to a legal settlement Tuesday that will allow him to construct a sober living facility for the homeless. [Tribune]

The settlement resolves a lawsuit the rancher filed against San Luis Obispo County in 2009.

De Vaul had been battling code enforcement action against his property since 2001 over the sheltering of homeless and addicted people in facilities, such as sheds, tents and a dairy barn. San Luis Obispo Superior Court Judge Charles Crandall declared Sunny Acres a public nuisance in July 2010, and a court appointed receivership controlled the property until earlier this month.

De Vaul’s settlement with the county will allow him to build a second residence on Sunny Acres to serve as a sober living facility, so long as the rancher maintains the property without any land use, building or health and safety violations.

Crandall still has to sign the settlement for it to take effect.

County counsel Nina Negranti applauded the agreement.

“The county commends the collaborative efforts of the new board members of Sunny Acres and all of those who assisted Mr. De Vaul in remediating the De Vaul property,” Negranti said.

De Vaul’s attorney, John Belsher, said the renovated Sunny Acres will aid “the neediest of our county’s homeless population in a sober, working ranch environment.”

A timeline for the development of the new Sunny Acres residence is yet to be released.



This is great news, now only if it happens, of course the usual suspects will try to stop or slow it down,knowing Dan he’ll keep after it to make it go and I doubt he’ll take govt money to help with it, once he does that then the govt runs the show.

Also remember these people have to want help to go there, and he had those types there, this still doesn’t address the the rest that just want to live in the creek, dirty and filthy, those are the ones that need to be picked up and put some place also, I noticed some liberal democrat put forth a homeless rights bill that allows these direlicts to panhandle,sleep and what ever on public property, that sounds real inviting.

Russ J

Hoo-freaken-ray. May the people who truly care about those who are mentally ill be given the chance to help them heal.


Not all drug addicts are mentally ill. This is for people with addiction issues. I am not saying that there are not those with a dual diagnosis. But watch, when it is up and running, you will find that there will always be angry residence, who run around, upset that he makes them work, and telling tales about Dan Davaul. Any time some one does try to help, there are those resistant to change. And sometimes, they are the ones that yell the loudest.

I am very happy for Dan. He and Cal Poly put so much effort into this. I do think the city was right in the beginning to have the ranch up to standards. Now it appears to be. I hope it works out.


I saw the article on the Tribune’s site when it first came out and posted what was listed as comment number 3: “Dan, whatever you do, do NOT hire Dee Torres to do ANYTHING at your facility.” It was “up” on the page for awhile, but has since “disappeared” ; curious.

Seriously though, this is great news for Dan DeVaul and his approach to helping those with addiction problems by having them work retain their living space on his property. For the life of me, I cannot understand how anyone has or had any problems with what DeVaul was trying to do; I do understand those who criticize his attempts at “going around” building code requirements, health department inspections and other regulatory agencies that are supposed to insure that the safety of the public is addressed and taken care of. To those who might still have a problem with Mr. DeVaul operating his facility, I ask you to explain the “why” you don’t want him doing this, please.


I think the proposed $7-$9 million homeless shelter should be shelved until Dan Devaul can operate for a few years.


This will never happen. Adam Hill, John Assbaugh and especially Bruce Gibson will never let this facility be built. It would be competition for CAPSLO and i doubt they can talk Dan into the kind of pay offs they get from CAPSLO. And Dan is too old,ugly and ornery to replace Dee Torres as a partner for Hill or Gibson for that matter…..


I have heard that assumption from other sources! That Dan was dissed’ because of him being CAPSLO competition. I am hoping he keeps fighting to what he wants. The people out there are treated well, and have accountability. Not just fed and left to roam the streets all day long. He could teach CAPSLO a thing or two!


This also has crossed my mind. I really do not think the people who “threw in” with CAPSLO have a bottom in the barrel of their world.


This is great news for Mr DeVaul!

Unfortunately this settlement will be viewed as positive support from the county. IMO I view it as yet another way the county plans on saddling Mr. DeVaul with costs in the form of environmental impact studies and delayed permitting. The next chapter will start to tell the tale. I will be very happy to be wrong about this.


Dan was see this morning singing from the rooftop while facing Christine’s house…

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Fantastic news! I’m happy for you Mr DuVaul and the people you will be serving! This is awesome for the people of slo county who will have less panhandling homeless to deal with too! Give them a Home and see how they change for the better!

I heard C Mulholland was Dan’s X girlfriend! And when he broke it off with her, that’s when she went to the county to conduct her “GET DAN” campaign. IT was just so sad that So many paid the price. But ya know….a Woman scorned!


Ha Ha Christine Mulholland. You couldn’t get Mr. DeVaul off his property after all! Take THAT!


Better watch out, if she finds out who you are she have her “friends” go after you.too


Ya know, kayaknut…you’re sadly correct. I’ll watch my back.

SLO County’s full of some scandalous women, that’s for sure. I’m mean think about it: Chittygate in Paso=woman. CAPSLO saga=women. (OK, Adam Hill, too but I’ll just lump him in with the females.) SLO City Mgr Katie Lightig=woman. Bruce Gibson’s aide/mistress Cherie Aispuro=woman.

Whatever happened to decent, ethical female leaders?!


You forgot the Copeland’s gal: Jan Marx…