Drugs and alcohol ruled out in February death of Cal Poly student

April 11, 2013
Brandon Huang

Brandon Huang

Drugs and alcohol did not factor into the February death of a Cal Poly student, who collapsed while returning to his campus apartment from a party.

Second-year biology student Brandon Huang, 20, died on Februay 10, after he stopped breathing just outside his Poly Canyon Village residence hall.

A toxicology report released by the San Luis Obispo County Coroner says the only substance found in Huang at the time of his death was alcohol. But, Huang’s blood alcohol content was .03 percent and did not factor into his death, according to the coroner.

The coroner’s unit is continuing to investigate the cause of death.

Prior to collapsing outside his residence hall, Huang attended a large house party, where he began struggling to breathe. Another Cal Poly student at the party saw Huang sitting outside. Huang told the other student that he was “getting some air.” Huang continued to experience trouble breathing in the car ride back to his residence.

After the biology student collapsed, university police perform CPR but did not succeed in resuscitating him.

Huang, who ran five mornings a week, had just registered to compete in the San Luis Obispo half marathon, which took place Sunday.

Another Cal Poly student died last weekend in Isla Vista, where she had gone to attend a large spring block party. Giselle Ayala, 18, most likely died from falling off cliff, but the cause of her death is not yet official either.


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This is terrible. I also heard (unrelated story) about some high school kid that got hit in the chest with a softball, and seemed fine, but died 20 minutes later. Scary stuff.