Grover Beach man killed in Templeton car crash

April 27, 2013

chpA Grover Beach man died Friday night in a single vehicle crash in the Templeton area, the California Highway Patrol said.

Shortly before 11 p.m., the 33-year-old man was speeding in a Mercedes on Lynch Canyon Drive east of Oak Shores Drive. He failed to negotiate a left turn, went off the road into a dirt embankment. The vehicle rolled several times and landed on its roof.

It is currently unknown if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash.

The victim’s name is not being released pending notification of his family.



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It’s strange, but the only place I could find on MapQuest in the county with a Lynch Canyon Drive and Oak Shores Drive was north of Nacimento Lake. A long way from the Templeton area.????

No roads by either of those names anywhere near Templeton that I could find.

According to the Highway Patrol

Hopefully, The Tribune will do it at sometime as they are carrying the same details… Nice try!

More likely they will fix it when the PR guy with the Sheriffs department sends out a corrected report

No_More_Anger says: “No doubt the CCN gang will fix it on Monday when they are sober.”

As will KSBY and others. when the updated report comes out.

Speaking of hung over, you mad bro? or is this your every day?

just an ill attempt at some levity

ksby has sobered up

An attempt at humor at someone else’s expense is often only humor to the one making the comment

But still funny nonetheless

More often none and less than humor

No_More_Anger, another new poster with nice things to say about CCN for no good reason. Interesting! Gather your facts carefully if you want to play with the big kids…

Lynch canyon and oak shores are on the north side of Lake nacimiento. They are not in tempelton. I think the confusion is that the CHP office that handles that are is in Tempelton and Cal Coast is reporting it incorrectly

I think the confusion is that the report was issued by LE just the way it was published on many news outlets, not just CCN.

‘All initial reports are wrong.’ (Rob Bryn)

People seem to need something to complain about.