Monning promoting California sweetened drink tax

April 25, 2013
Bill Monning

Bill Monning

Democratic State Senator Bill Monning, who represents San Luis Obispo County, is sponsoring a bill that would place a one-cent per fluid ounce tax on all sweetened beverages. [Monterey County Weekly]

Monning introduced the bill, SB 622, in February, and it passed the Senate Government and Finance Committee Wednesday by a 5-2 vote. The proposed sweetened drink tax now moves on to the health committee.

The state senator sponsored a similar bill while in the assembly that died two years ago in committee.

“This is the first time this state committee has passed a bill that would place a tax on sugary drinks and the first step toward stemming the epidemic of childhood obesity,” Monning said in a statement.

Monning’s bill would tax beverages like soda, energy drinks and sweet teas and would use the revenue to provide funding for the Children’s Health Promotion Fund and other programs designed to prevent childhood obesity.

“By taxing these products we will be able to implement programs that will assist in preventing disease among children and begin to address a public health crisis, whose rising health costs affect all Californians,” Monning said.



I gave up soda pop at least a decade ago but will still have an occasional sweet tea type beverage. Usually I drink water, either plain or sparkling, and I have coffee; my question is about drinks that are served up by individual ordering, like the various sweetened coffee beverages, will this tax apply to them as well?

For all of you who are upset about this proposal because you consume sodas on a regular basis, have you thought about how much healthier you could be, if you eliminated or at least cut back on your intake of these beverages? If you think that the proposal is bad because it is “gubmint” overreach and creating “new” government jobs, where do you come up with that idea?


Bob I have a question for you. When does it STOP with the Gov’t deciding how and what we are allowed to drink or eat? Remember a few years back and wanting to go after fast food burgers?

What if I think that Bob shouldn’t drink beer or wine? Or I think you shouldn’t eat red meat. Where does it STOP? Who are YOU OR I to decide for others? THAT is the question.

BTW I gave up sodas three years ago. Have about one a month average but that’s me. If someone else wants to quit GREAT. If not, that is THEIR BUSINESS not YOUR’S or MINE!!!!!


No, bob. I’m not “upset about this proposal because I consume sodas on a regular basis.”

I’m bummed because our state is already going down the tubes and all our silly lawmakers can do is come up with yet another way to tax us.

Mr. Holly

Is he kidding? I don’t think so. Let’s see now, I put a dollar bill in a machine to buy a 12 oz. soda pop. If this bill passes it will mean an additional 12 cents added onto the cost of that drink. Oops, the machine can’t make that kind of change so the drink will be $1.25. More profit for the machine owner. Guess what?

Additional income tax to the state. Then on top of that there will be another layer of forms to fill out reporting the sales and calculating what the tax should be. These taxes will probably be paid into the newly created FAT AGENCY. Of course this agency will require hundreds of people to conduct studies to determine where these additional funds will be spent. Although most of the funds will be spent on salaries, benefits and the studies. Bottom line there will be nothing left to address Mr. Monning’s problem. What a gimmick. I guess I do not have the right to eat or drink what I want. What will it be next, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Jack in the Box or In N Out Burger?


Having met the Good Senator, who is packing some extra pounds himself, how about we deduct a hundred dollars/month/pound of overweightness (is that a word?) off Bill’s salary and use that to fund whatever program he’s pushing this week.

Get your hand outta my wallet porky…


How about every time one of these stupid bills doesn’t pass the author has to pay a tax from his personal funds for wasting the legislature’s time and resources!


most excellent! get that one introduced……


Our late Assemblyman Eric Seastrand tried to get a bill through limiting the number of bills a legislator could introduce, but regrettably it got nowhere. Too bad – here we are 20 years later and the problem has only gotten worse and costs everyone so much money.


and it passed the Senate Governmenr and Finance Comittee 1st. that reeks.


when i want to raise money for a non-profit i bring out the gimp such as poor Maria with leprosy. in this case it is poor fat Johnny. the donation is taxes for the non profit. get real.


Stop the growing, mfg, sale, use of ALL tobacco products THEN come talk to me about my weight and my drinking sweet soda.

Spirit Filled

Yea, up theres! I just knocked off 80 lbs. No one, other than my wife, kids, grand kids, great grand kids and etc., ever asked me to lose weight. Use the weight loss program I have been on. Just use the new diet aid fudge with funny stuff in it. Get the non-fat mix or mix your own and the weight will fly off. And even if it doesn’t pot will keep you from getting too down on yourself. Pot does not make me hungry. It does others I guess but I am cured with the weight crap. The doc that put in my pacemaker ask me to quit eating so much, so I did.

You ladies, fat or skinny you’re beautiful to me. God sees you as perfect. and I concur.

After being married 48 years my wife still looks 18 years old to me, and she knows it.


Just another liberal sin tax grab, non of this money will ever make it to science. It is a PC feel good punishment for consuming what everyone already knows is bad for you…

“You ladies, fat or skinny you’re beautiful to me. God sees you as perfect. and I concur.”

“After being married 48 years my wife still looks 18 years old to me, and she knows it.”

A little behind you, but I can voice the same… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If our esteemed legislator really wants to help “child obesity” he could ensure that all chidren have PE in school, like us old dudes used to.

It is interesting to note that Italians eat more butter,Pasta and drink more wine than Americans, yet eat very little fast food nor drink sugary soda drinks and are in much better shape. The reason is the walk and ride bikes.


“It is a PC feel good punishment for consuming” nope, it is an excuse to tax with health used as a guise. period.


This is all about creating more gubmint nanny jobs and making people pay more nanny salaries. When are we going to put a stop to these sycophant politicians and their BS bills? People need to stand up and say NO MORE.


Elections, elections, elections… Continue to vote these money grabbers into office and this is what you will get. There are currently over 100 bills in Sacramento with tax $$$ attached. It’s coming, one penny at a time. Danika will like knowing there is a proposal for a $2.00 per pack for cigarettes, AGAIN, going for cancer research. Everyone will get hit with one of these taxes, but the key one to watch is Prop 13 being “revamped”, first will be the commercial properties followed by residential property tax “realignment”. No one should be complaining, this is what folks wanted.



Well then , Why don’t we just tax all fat people?! With Obamacare they can do a weigh-in every year, and at the end of the year, if you’re fat – KAPOW!!!! You owe the government money for the privilege of overindulging in food! Or how about a tax on couches because people spend too much time on them watching TV? How about a tax on TV usage – the more hours it’s on, the more you pay because you are sitting around instead of exercising! Or a big tax on cars because you aren’t walking or riding a bike? Or a tax on everything you do because the last time I checked, everyone dies and there must be a reason for it, so let’s just tax everyone for everything they do….


Please, WWHBT, don’t give them anymore ideas, they may like them especially if they can put a tax on it. lol

Spirit Filled

I’m free and clear of this tax rip off. I am going to be 69 in a couple weeks. Finally a cut off time for taxes. 69 is a magical nso I’m safew.umber. No more taxes, work, house payments or other woes. Now that’s respect for the elderly. I will not pay another tax. Course I don’t make any money. House paid for. Kids and grandkids have left the coop, Grandma and I are going to do some trippin’ . Old but not dead or even slowing down. Little testosterone gives a whole new meaning to life that has suddenly reopened. It’s worth every penny you guys put in it for me. Thanks and blessings


Gee Spirit, your legacy is that you screwed your grandkids and their kids. You must be proud that you and your buddies have looted the country and you are on your way out. Enjoy your retirement and I will continue to subsidize your good life. I have only begun to fight this march of socialism killing our country.

Spirit Filled

You sound like someone from SLO. Actually I raised many kids even some that were not related. We taught them to love God before themselves and that that begging man sitting on the sidewalk with his hand out may be Jesus’ in disguise. We taught them that true happiness is not found “in things” but in the heart of giving.

We told them about how buying things to make yourself happy is like getting a “fix”. The high does not last very long til you need another “fix”. We showed them how to buy just what is needed. No frills. And give from our substances not just what is easy to give. If it doesn’t hurt a little it’s not from your substance.

The kids lived through what we taught them. Very giving people just like God planned for life to be like.

Just my opinion. Blessings

Downtown Bob

I think what the person is saying Spirit Filled is that the “greatest generation” was actually the generation that voted in so many laws and benefits to people during times of prosperity (because we were the lone standing manufacturing economy after WW2) that it was completely and totally unsustainable. The 50’s through the 2000 were actually a very selfish time of giving crap out with no way to pay for it and no way to stop it, ever.

Spirit Filled

Kind of reminds me of how people, including me a long time ago, use credit cards. Buy now, pay later. I did it. Bought a bunch of stuff I thought I needed. Found out the hard way the only thing I needed was sitting next to me on the couch, and the Lord talking to me in the silence of my heart. I may be a slow learner but I’m not stupid. When I realized this my life changed. Cut the cards up and let the chips fall where they may.

I don’t think people were trying to be selfish. People go with the times most often. Someone offers you two cars for every garage you say yea thats great. We need two cars. Or a new frig., or whatever else you really think you need your arms are open.

History should be learned from not repeated if possible. Now that everyone is living hand to mouth no one seems to realize we should get back to basics. Many people are just pissed off that the gravey train has stopped. I say its a good time to give to others what you do have. There is always something you can share. At least you will feel better.

Bring your poor neighbors in. They may look well off with the fairly new cars and nice house but most likely they are looking for some kind of hand-out. Too proud to ask anyone for help. So you ask them over for dinner and tell them you have it covered don’t bring anything. Or let them bring salad. This is your chance to give.

Blessings to all


So you drank the I don’t pay taxes kool-aid. REALLY!!??? Let’s see do you use a phone or t.v.? Franchise tax. You say you own that house? Yep PROPERTY TAXES!! Plan on buying a car in next ten or twenty years? Yea you know. Gonna register that car? Again taxes. Plan on buying anything in the state of CA? Again TAXES. Plan any trips on an airline or cruise? Taxes. Drinking beer or wine? Taxes. Buying gas? Taxes. Yep I guess in your smuggness of you are better than rest and don’t pay taxes you must have overlooked ALL THE TAXES you will STILL be paying like the rest of us. So I guess you are still a sucker like us.

Spirit Filled

I am no better or worse than anyone else. We are all children of God and made in His image. Thinking about that gives me comfort and peace. I’m not in any kind of contest and don’t care to be. Well maybe a little Texas Holdem. If I beat you I will give all your money back to you. I don’t need anything else to buy. God Bless