Ninth suspect arrested in Ibarra murder

April 3, 2013
Verenisa Aviles

Verenisa Aviles

Santa Maria police have arrested a ninth suspect in connection with the brutal slaying of Anthony Ibarra. [KCOY]

Officers arrested 19-year-old Verenisa Aviles on an outstanding warrant Monday and charged her with murder Tuesday after reviewing evidence. Aviles is the second female to be arrested in connection with the Ibarra murder.

Police also charged Aviles with gang enhancements, which could subject her to the death penalty. She is currently in Santa Barbara County being held without bail.

Detectives say gang members tortured and killed Ibarra, 28, on March 17 at a residence at 1142 West Donovan Road in Santa Maria. They later dumped Ibarra’s body in a U-Haul truck, which police found two days later in an Orcutt residential neighborhood.

According to the search warrant, the day following the murder a witness entered the home where police suspect Ibarra died. The witness saw the body of a Hispanic male lying naked on the carpet who appeared to have been beaten in the face and whose neck was cut open.

Seven of the nine suspects in the murder could face the death penalty. The other two are charged with accessory after the murder. Aviles is the only female suspect in custody who could face the death penalty.

The initial eight suspects in the case are due back in court on April 10. Aviles is not yet scheduled for a court appearance.


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“Seven of the nine suspects in the murder could face the death penalty”, why even say that in California, at this time we know this will not happen and if convicted they will just spend their life on endless appeals costing more and more.

Yeah, no kidding.

Here comes Dystiny Myers II.

Another giant trial that’ll drag on for years and cost millions to try. Still, good chance to get a bunch of gangbangers off the streets, I’ll agree with that..

The DA should forget the death penalty and go for life without parole. Death penalty cases are a waste of time and money since this state never actually executes someone anymore.

I doubt criminals acctually fear that sentence anymore, especially when monsters like the Night Stalker haven’t been executed.

Whether death penalty or life, if convicted, these monsters should be sterilized. Murderers shouldn’t be allowed conjugal visits and they should be kept from reproducing.

I feel a Great sadness for the victim having to pay with his life, and his family who has to deal with his loss!

but this girl probably did not have control over what went down here. ?? Now she may pay the price with her life.

REALLY??? Maybe this will be a lesson to others to watch the company they keep. That’s why they call it accessory!!

I do agree with you BTDT!

My feelings of sadness are because Death is never something to be joyful over maybe relief for someone evil, but the innocent family always pays the price. Just as I was sad for Dystiny even though she was there doing dope and being where she shouldn’t have been. Who knows what this guy did, but being murdered is a big price to pay. I am sad for the girl because she is so young, and most young gang bangers become affiliated out of survival. Sure it was her choice but bet she didn’t kill the guy herself. I am not excusing her choice to be there, Its just such a waste of life!

I agree, YES she has to be responsible for the company she keeps. And Yes the message needs to be loud and clear. For being involved she needs to be at least incarcerated for a very very long time.

Thats some good house cleaning! 10 gangbangers off the street! Nice work Law enforcement! Thank you.

The high eyebrows and slight mustache and beard are so attractive. Not.

what does that have to do with the charges? Is school out early?