Pismo Beach police arrest 17 at annual beach party

April 2, 2013

pismoPismo Beach police arrested 17 people for alcohol related crimes during the annual Cesar Chavez Day celebration at Silver Shoals Beach on Monday.

The arrests ranged from public intoxication to possession of alcohol on the beach.

In addition to poor weather and increased enforcement, the Cal Poly class schedule may have helped limit the size of the 2013 edition of the annual unsanctioned affair which was smaller than previous years. Cesar Chavez Day fell on the Monday following spring break. The event also fell during Cuesta College’s spring break.

The Pismo Beach Police Department says it is making similar plans to patrol another unsanctioned event coming up on April 20, a counterculture marijuana holiday. The department says it will allow “zero tolerance” for alcohol and substance related crimes.


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Some students get arrested for protesting and going on marches to support a worthy cause or maybe on New Years Eve or Halloween or a Graduation day bash. You know? really big days. These 17 knuckleheads got themselves arrested on Cesar Chaves day…lol heck their parents can’t even brag to their friends about that.

For Cal Poly students, any occasion to party is a good occasion. I would bet 3/4 of them don’t even know who Cesar Chavez is or what he stands for. Any reason to go down to the beach and trash it, then jump in daddy’s car and drive impaired back to SLO is okay for the majority of them. I realize I’m judging but that is their MO for the most part.

Cesar Chavez Day….really?

You were expecting Hugo ?

In this area, in this state? Yes.

Hasta Siemre Comandante

Hugo in Heaven

Don’t cry for me Venezuela