Sexual assault reported on Cal Poly campus

April 30, 2013

Cal_Poly_San_Luis_Obispo1A sexual assault occurred early Sunday morning in a Cal Poly residence hall, according to the University Police Department. [Mustang Daily]

University police say a woman reported an assault Monday afternoon that occurred early Sunday in the Muir Residence Hall. The woman said she was “intoxicated to the point of being unconscious at the time of the assault” and could not give consent.

Campus police are currently investigating the incident. The police department sent out a campus alert Monday about the reported assault.

Muir Hall resident, freshman Jack Wang, told the Mustang Daily that the alert shocked him.

“I was just shocked that something like that happened in a residence hall, especially in my residence hall,” Wang said. “It’s a very scary thought.”


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Just curious, say two students, a man and and woman, are both so intoxicated that neither can give consent, and say they have intercourse, is it rape? If it is who was raped? The man or the woman? The drunker of the two? There has to be a point where personal responsibility comes in, don’t you think?

Agreed. And that’s probably why there will be no charges pressed. (see other news sources)

This doesn’t look like a “sexual assault” or an actual rape. It looks like she knew the guy, got drunk out of her mind and ended up quite embarrassed because of his AND HER actions.

Let’s change it up a bit and ask your questions for a different scenario. Say two guys are drinking at a frat house, and both are so intoxicated that neither can give consent, and say one guy decides to sodomize his friend who is so drunk he does not know what is going on. is it rape? If it is who was raped? The sodomizer or the sodomizee? The drunker of the two?

If you think of it that way, you see that its not a matter of gender, but a matter of who is initiating the act (the penetration, to put it bluntly). I think most reasonable people would say the guy doing the sodomizing was the one guilty of sexual assault, no matter who had more to drink. Why should it be any different if it was a man and a woman?

Still depends on a lot, in your scenario are the two men gay? Might make a difference to some. Unraveling who did what to whom when everyone is wasted is difficult at best. Don’t be with people you don’t trust, I was going to say “use common sense” but it seems to be anything but common.

It depends on if they are gay?? Are you serious? So by extension if the woman was a lesbian in your first scenario, it would be more of a rape than if she wasn’t?

Sexual orientation is irrelevant. Just because you are straight gay or whatever, doesn’t mean someone meeting your gender preference cannot rape you.

The gold standard here is if someone wouldn’t do something with you when they are sober, then you should not be getting them extremely drunk to coerce them into doing it with you. That is predatory anti-social behavior that should be legally deterred. If we give people a free pass because “well, you were also drunk when you forced the other passed out drunk person to have sex with you” then where is the deterrent to stop this behavior?

If you go back and reread my post I didn’t say “It depends on if they are gay” I said it might make a difference to some. I was trying to point out the fine line that gets crossed when groups of people get wasted together. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is, if it is indeed rape. But if a “couple” are both drunk and something happens, whose fault is it? If anyone takes advantage of an incapacitated or unconscious person that is sexual assault.

Depends on who is doing the aiming. Without good aim the point is mute. (no pun intended)


This all sort of reminds me of the Cal Poly library in the mid-80’s. The library had a strict no eating and no drinking policy in place; they actually had people going around checking to make sure you were not eating or drinking. Today, there are food concessions in the library.

Cal Poly needs to realize that young people put all sorts of funny stuff into their bodies, particularly young people away from their parents for the first time. It seems Cal Poly’s current approach to the problem is to ban everything and deny any problems exist. Maybe a better approach would be to acknowledge the issues and teach students how to be safe with their substance use practices rather than telling them not to do it. It worked for the library.

“I was just shocked that something like that happened in a residence hall, especially in my residence hall,” Wang said. “It’s a very scary thought.”

Mass quantities of alcohol and a large population of young people, always adds up to a bad outcome. Should not really be shocked in the least…