Atascadero man arrested for murdering neighbor

May 25, 2013

handsPolice arrested an Atascadero man on Saturday for allegedly killing his 52-year-old neighbor on Wednesday.

Mark Alan Andrews, 49, is under arrest for allegedly shooting Colleen Barga-Milbury at close range near the front door of her residence. There is no indication of a sexual assault.

A tip from an anonymous citizen led police to Andrews, who suffers from a mental illness. He is being held without bail.

Detectives detained Andrews and then served a search warrant on his home. Officers found a rifle consistent with the type of weapon believed to be the murder weapon and a live hand grenade during their search.

“There is no evidence to indicate that the victim had a conflict with the suspect prior to the homicide,” police said in a press release.


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At some point you have to say enough is enough. These known mentally ill people need to be stopped.I’m sorry they are mentally ill but you cant let them go around killing people, If they need to be put away do it. Way to many of these type of murders in slo and sb county. could have been prevented..

Good on ya “….Hand.” Well stated. Now what do we do about the appaling ignorance of folks like


Cut the “mental health” nonsense. He’s just (allegedly) a cold blooded killer. Long drop, short rope.

Good thing he didn’t use the hand grenade. Those things are illegal!

Maybe he’s crazy but not stupid.

The KCOY reporter actually interviewed this guy as a neighbor. He doesn’t sound mentally ill here. I’ll bet the reporter is spooked–I would be.

From KCOY:

“I’m just at a loss of words right now, I don’t know what to say,” said Barga-Milbury’s neighbor Mark Andrews. Andrews was Barga-Milbury’s neighbor for more than 2 decades. “She was married once, he passed away also, that’s another reason why this is so sad,” said Andrews.

“They lived together alone, they minded their own business,” said Andrews about Barga-Milbury and her son. Barga-Milbury was an employee at Atascadero State Hospital. Police said it is one of the avenues they are looking into.

The reporter is probably spooked, but as a neighbor who used to see Mark sitting outside his garage almost every day when I walked by, I’m BEYOND spooked. Today I realized from his vantage point he looked straight at Colleen’s house. Horrible.

I wonder what Andrews connection might be with ASH, if any. Could he possibly have been released from ASH and then relocated to Atascadero?

Mental Health, Mental Health, Mental Health, the evil that keeps on giving.

And growing, as the country continues to spiral out of control, the numbers of people being treated for depression and related illnesses is on a steep upward trend. Be prepared to hear of more and more.

“Mental Health” problems covers a huge spectrum of disorders. Some of them are harmless to anyone other than the person afflicted with them. Many are dangerous to others only in certain unusual conditions. Then there are the ones that grab the media’s attention — the ones resulting in killing, rape and other brutal assaults. I wish people were more discriminating in the use of the term.

I have no problem with someone who commits an act like this being put away for life, “mentally ill” or not. The risk to others is too great to trust that the defect can and will be successfully treated. But that doesn’t mean all people who suffer from something called “mental illness” should be regarded as “evil.”