Deputy discovers 13 pounds of meth in gas tank

May 16, 2013

meth jackA San Luis Obispo County deputy’s investigative skills led to the arrest of a woman transporting 13 pounds of methamphetamine floating in her gas tank.

On Monday, Deputy Al Barger and his K9 “Jack” were traveling northbound on Highway 101 on the Cuesta Grade when he noticed a car in front of him make several abrupt lane changes. He ran a check on the license plate and discovered the registration on the car had expired, so he pulled the driver over

Barger then discovered the driver, 32-year-old Maria Guadalupe Garcia of Anaheim, had a prior criminal history of transporting drugs. Barger asked Garcia if she had any drugs in the car and if he could search the vehicle. Garcia said yes and asked her three children to get out of the car.

Jack sniffed the car and indicated that drugs were present in the back seat area.

Barger noticed the back seat was loose so he took it out exposing a metal plate above the gas tank that was missing a screw. He then removed the metal plate and discovered 13 one-pound packages of methamphetamine with an estimated street value of $228,000 floating in the gas tank.

Deputies booked Garcia into the San Luis Obispo County Jail for possession of a controlled substance for sale, transporting a controlled substance and for three counts of child endangerment. Garcia’s bail is set at one million dollars.

Child Protective Services took custody of her three children, ages 15,12 and 5.


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By the way, if a little “Drug War” is good, is a lot of “Drug War” better? You decide.

Taken to its extreme, how do you all feel about the following scenario? Does this not look like a naked police state? You decide.

The Department of Defense has granted itself the power to police American streets without prior local or state consent.

[All that is required is that “extraordinary emergency circumstances” exist and local authorities “are unable to control the situation.” These phrases are not defined, so it is up to the military commanders, themselves, to decide. This is in violation of a 200-year policy that federal military should never be used for local law enforcement. The reason for that policy was to prevent a national tyranny from taking root in America.]

Long Island Press 2013 May 14

Now we know why the government has bought up over a billion, yes BILLION rounds of hollow points and built new ammo storage units at Camp Roberts. Hollow Points are NOT used in overseas combat.

This woman knows some dangerous people. That was a lot of meth and anything that has to do with meth is always dangerous from the person who cooks it to the end user, they’re all “willfully” chemically crazed. Meth users are the most unpredictable paranoid druggies on this planet. I hate to see children taken away from their parents but in this case, I’m glad they removed the children as nothing good was waiting down the road for these kids.

As for the mother, no doubt she thought it was easy money but we know that she doesn’t think that anymore. Kids are gone, she is looking at a long stint in jail and some meth cooks want to kill her. It’s too bad that some people just don’t get it. Meth will end your life as you know it, one way or another, it kills anything that was ever good.

There is no real recovery for meth users it actually leaves black holes in the brain. It must kill off the part of the brain of common sense. I have never seen a meth user not have his/her entire life destroyed. It infects the user and everyone else around them. It is pure evil.

Thank God she was caught, now the kids at least have a chance to have a good life. They have been enduring the meth nightmare for God knows how long. This arrest was really a rescue for those kids.

Actually LAH, I do know of a person who fully recovered from meth addiction and has no obvious damage, in fact he is a wonderful person today. I know he used it for many years and he was hospitalized and almost died from his meth abuse. His ex-wife say’s he was in the ICU for 3 weeks and they didn’t think he would make it but he did. Then when he got out of the hospital he went right to to meth for another 4 years. She say’s she divorced him after he almost died and went back to using it. She gave him a choice and he chose meth over her and chose meth even over his own life so she left him and he kept using 4 years after that.

But this is an unusual story and the only cure that I’ve ever heard of is his (and two others). All 3 recoveries occurred at separate times at the healing rooms in Atascadero The person I know said he finally asked God to save him and he was prayed on by Christian healers and he was changed and healed that night from his meth addiction! That is the honest truth, this man told me he has never ever wanted meth or alcohol or any drugs again and it’s been 5 years since he was healed.

He said he was very weak for the first two weeks and needed a lot of rest and then he was good as new and has never ever craved it or used it or wanted it again. He now believes in God and goes to my church. Even his atheist x wife became a believer after seeing him healed from what she called a hopeless addiction. So I guess there is a cure when people finally break for good, give up and sincerely seek to believe in something bigger than they are.

Actually, Jack discovered the meth. Otherwise it would have been just a routine traffic stop for Officer Barger, with no arrest.

Nice work, bowser!

I am a little suspicious of this whole scenario. The fact that she was stopped by a deputy sheriff with a drug dog on 101 makes me think that she was targeted to be stopped. She may not even have been driving as bad as claimed. I suspect that they made up the charge as an excuse to stop her and search the car knowing that she was transporting drugs. They probably are trying to protect an informant which might have been named if they had to get a search warrant.

I am a bit leery of giving LEOs slack when it comes to sneaky tactics like this but, given the circumstances and the very real threat of meth users to society, I will look the other way in this case.

BS stops by the drug task force are common place. While I hate meth and those involved, I also tend to doubt this was just a routine pull over. Our local cops are great liars and deceivers especially those with the drug task force. Furthermore, how many times do you see a sheriff pull someone over on the freeway. It is usually the Highway Patrol. I am not buying this routine crap Ian.

Hard to tell for certain, but this does have the look of PR for the “Drug War.”

Stop the “Drug War” now!

Of course it’s PR for law enforcement. That’s the main source for CCN leads—the rank & file LEO.

In this case, the Sheriff’s Deputy should be commended for being a good dog. This county should have many of them and pay them well, daily doggie treats…. Oh, kudos to the handler for his perservirence.

The dogs deserve scheduled pay raises, paid vacation time, health benefits & retirement. Just like rank & file. Not sure if they can form a union, though.

I can hear the defence arguement now. Your honor my client was using the meth to supercharge her car, hence why it was in the gas tank. Obviously by the cars actions, it was the car that was under the influence of the meth running through it’s system.

This is sad, but my hubby and I had a good laugh over this one…she gets the idiot of the month award! So you are transporting 13 lbs of drugs on a bad registration? And you are going to drive crazy to bring attention to yourself? Lol that is funny! Did this girl want to be caught or what? But I am very pleased to know all that nasty tweek won’t make it to the streets.

Well, when criminals are any smarter, they just run for office.

No one wants to compare her bail to disgraced Det. Cory Pierce’s?

Huge, Huge, Huge, lol Hey wait…that is too true to be funny.

Kudos are in order for Deputy Al Barger and Jack. Great work!

Mother of the year candidate?