Atascadero man arrested for false imprisonment has long criminal history

May 15, 2013
Eugene Lyle Dempsey Jr

Eugene Lyle Dempsey Jr

An Atascadero man arrested for multiple felonies including false imprisonment has a long criminal history of drug abuse, theft and violence.

On Tuesday, Atascadero police served an arrest warrant at the home of Eugene Lyle Dempsey Jr., for a probation violation, but ended up charging Dempsey with multiple criminal violations.

When police arrived to serve the arrest warrant, Dempsey refused to open the door and hid in a storage area off his bedroom. Dempsey eventually surrendered to the officers without incident.

While at Dempsey’s residence, officers discovered that Dempsey had been involved in felony domestic violence and false imprisonment involving his live-in girlfriend. The officers also discovered that Dempsey, a felon, was in possession of two firearms not legally registered.

In 2009, the State Department of Consumer Affairs revoked Dempsey’s psychiatric technician’s license after investigating his criminal history and detailing his record in an accusation.

In 1996, the court sentenced Dempsey to 90 days in jail for possession of methamphetamine. Less than two years later, Dempsey was again arrested for possession. The court sentenced Dempsey to two years in prison.

In 2004, police were called to Dempsey’s grandmother’s house where he was causing a disturbance. Officers arrived to find Dempsey acting fidgety with tense muscles and rapid speech and arrested him for being under the influence. He received two days in jail.

In 2005, Dempsey volunteered to pick up donations for Project Amend, a nonprofit addiction recovery facility in San Luis Obispo. Dempsey was later arrested for stealing and then selling items he volunteered to collect including a computer and a bike.

Also in 2005, police arrested Dempsey for violating a restraining order put in place by an ex-wife. The court sentenced Dempsey to 30 days in jail.

In 2006, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies arrested Dempsey for probation violations which led to a 100 day jail sentence.

In its investigation, the State Department of Consumer Affairs determined Dempsey had fraudulently procured his psychiatric technician’s license because he failed to disclose his convictions in his renewal applications.


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So much for the deterrent effect of prison. Makes you wonder if those two years were spent doing hard labor and living in a tent and on a chain gang if he would have straightened himself out.

THAT’S CRAZY TALK!!! You mean make people work hard in prison so they don’t want to go back and get their shit together??? Crazy talk.

He was in the right place (ASH) just the wrong side of the bars.

I lost track of the strikes. Not a model citizen at best.

His unfortunate mistake was to not head up CAPSLO’s homeless division… or date a supervisor with exceedingly low morals and standards.