It’s better now to be a public employee

May 17, 2013

public employeesFewer pay and hiring freezes are plaguing those with public jobs in California as things get brighter for state and local government civil service employees.

That’s the conclusion of a new report by the non-profit Center for State & Local Government Excellence, which also suggests that 10 percent fewer layoffs of public sector employees are occurring, compared to the same time last year.

Health and retirement benefits are being modified by more than half of this state’s public agencies, a factor that helps stabilize budgets and insulate workers from the axe, according to the report’s authors.

Many of these savings are being accomplished by shifting more retirement and health plan contributions from employer to employee.

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What I would really like to be is a banker for the too big to fail banks. Maybe we should focus on the people who are not working and looting the system. Firefighters and cops don’t go on strike and they have not held anyone hostage for their benefits. They take what they are given and if you choose too drink the cool aid and be distracted by these kind of stories go ahead. If you will notice the people who have taken advantage of the retirement system have not been the rank and file members but the managers who spike their pensions and get raises while the little guy takes cuts. Take a good look around at all the individuals not working and getting a government check and living in subsidized housing getting free medical care, education and food.

Lisa Chitty the kind of quality you’re speaking of?

The gravy train has not been stopped…just slowed a bit. Until such time as a “desk audit’ is conducted on each and every state position to determine necessity, credibility, affordability, and productivity, nothing will ever change.

As a tax paying “employer” of the state worker, I demand an accounting of my expenditures.

Are you kidding? You need to read a little Mises:

It is in the nature of the men handling the apparatus of compulsion

and coercion to overrate its power to work, and to

strive at subduing all spheres of human life to its immediate


Omnipotent Government, p. 58

Sorry as good of a idea as it is it will never happen