Jerry Brown to propose $1 billion for Common Core standards

May 14, 2013

Gov. Jerry BrownCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown will propose today spending $1 billion to implement education standards that 45 states, including California, have adopted. [Sacramento Bee]

The Common Core State Standards will align California’s math and science K-12 curricula with those of 44 other states. In implementing the standards, Brown plans to direct more money to schools districts with high percentages of poor students and English learners.

Common Core is sponsored by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers and is supported by the Obama Administration. The initiative is intended to boost standardized test scores across the country, making American students more competitive with their global counterparts. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation recently donated about $150 million in grants to the Common Core initiative.

Critics say Common Core takes local control away from schools. Alaska, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas and Virginia have not adopted the standards. Indiana adopted Common Core, but halted its implementation over the weekend.

Introduction of the Common Core standards into California schools is scheduled to occur at the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.

Brown’s proposed funding for Common Core comes as part of a revised budget he is scheduled to release this morning.



If I had school age children I would yank them out of the state run schools so fast it would cause Linda Blair’s head to stop spinning. If you love your children and our Country get them out and into a school that wants to teach kids not propagandize them.


“into a school that wants to teach kids not propagandize them.”

Oh right it’s propaganda in a public school but none of that in private schools and the home schooled.

That attitude is why America falls behind more every day.


Follow the money…


Blah, blah, blah…

Moonbeam is an administrator and as such will say he will spend the money wisely, but we all know what his history is and how the money always makes it into the “general fund”…

Spirit Filled

Give the schools all the money they want and it will never be enough. Schools need to make some changes. First of all get disipline back in them. A good wack on the knuckles might help a little. I doubt that would be enough. Make the parents go to school with them sometimes then they can see their little darlings in action. Let them do the wacking right in front of the other students. Also get prayer and God back into the school rooms.

When I was in school about a lifetime ago this is how it was. Nobody died in class, they just sat there like good kids are supposed to. Kids are getting more and more mamby pamby as the days go on. They have no respect for the teachers, the other students or their parents. (Not all, just the few who make it miserable for the other well behaved kids that want to learn). If the parents were there these problems would be few.

Parents are going to have to give up the goodies, like new cars, expensive houses, vacations in Hawaii and etc. May have to eat beans or top ramon once in a while but people will live and the kids will develop new found respect for their parents. Nothing quite like a child watching their parents sacrificing for them up close and personal.

In the beginning the kids will think their parents are nuts but very shortly they will be proud and brag about how much their parents are giving up for them. At least that’s how my kids felt. I gave up a 911 Porsche for them so I could sit in class with my unruly daughter. And a couple of other kids we raised on the way. Kids love to watch their parents working together and loving each other. They love it!

The hell with the huge house and other superficial things. We raised 9 kids or more, I lost count, in a three bedroom house. Everybody had to give up something. Privacy was one of them. My wife and I slept on a couch in the living room. You know, one of those pull out hide-a-beds? They needed the bedroom for a place to study. This was an honor for us. The kids needed a good example of giving so we gave it to them.

God Bless.


You must understand that common core is EXACTLY OPPOSITE of this. I believe it is essentially a “working unit” production course. That is, government (that imposes this) and corporations (that control this) are starting as young as 4 or 5 to predict what a child will be doing, and place them on that track with little to no options.

There is a lawsuit underway because the Department of Education has loosened and ruined privacy regulations so entirely that parental consent has been reduced from a legal requirement to an optional ”best practice” – I kid you not!


Why is it so imperative that the federal government control ALL school curricula? The state legislature is making a power play at our kids’ education, plain and simple.

If ‘Common Core’ is such a great idea, why are there so many groups organizing to stop it?


Put little uniforms on them and pretty soon they will be marching to get their laptop, cell phone, free housing, food stamps, and everything else the government wants to give them w/out working. They already get before and after school care, preschool care, breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, bus rides, clothing, backpacks, etc. Don ‘t understand why people want or have kids when they can’t even take care of themselves and then expect society to pay for their kids.


It’s official you have lost touch, lost facts etc.

“pretty soon they will be marching to get their laptop, cell phone, free housing, food stamps, and everything else the government wants to give them w/out working. ”

You drank the koolaid.


It is NOT the federal government that will control the curriculum of Common Core. Common Core is a COPYRIGHTED material of a PRIVATE CORPORATION, and AT BEST only 10-15% of the curriculum can be ADDED TO by local/government. The rest is private to the effect that one CANNOT SEE what the test questions are (until they’re given) – it is going to be computer-given (there is even biometric monitoring provisions in the CC garbage / TARP conditions). I cannot stress this enough: common core is REALLY, REALLY bad for anyone who is not all about pumping out working units for the government/corporation bureaucracy.

My kids’ teachers have had SO MANY “training days” over the years – I now believe I know what it was: more indoctrination. Get rid of the OLD, bring in the new and just turn them into a data drone until they can be completely replaced with a computer (hello Bill Gates and Microsoft).

DIG. Dig into this. Go everywhere, it’s a lot of LONG reading, but you will not believe what is in this.


Hey gray matter. enumerate and name even some of the “many ” groups you vaguely refer to.

Usual right-wing glittering generalities delivered not with a bang but with a whimper.


I guess you missed my links to the Daily Kos and the American Federation of Teachers… not what I would call right-wing in the slightest. Would you like a nice, long list of right and left groups and people that oppose this? It is really easy to find with this “new fangled intr0netz” and all; but then again, one would actually want to learn something to go that far.

Mr. Holly

Just another bad day for education. Just return to the basics, reading, writing and arithmetic. $1Billion-are you kidding me. Let’s just spend the money on our schools and instill some discipline and support for the teachers who want to teach. Every few years all of these new administrators want to impress us all with some new learning adventure. No matter how much money they spend 1 + 1 still, and always will, = 2.


This is one of the most INSIDIOUS things ever devised. I may be “too early” for many who are just now wondering what this is, but I cannot stress this enough: COMMON CORE is bad. VERY BAD.

I know nothing I say or information I can provide can alter our course, we’re far too along (especially California). This thing has been “evolving” for a long time, and got it’s foot in the door by way of the TARP funds (yes, the first one during the end of Bush’s reign).

It is filthy, through and through… please take some time to educate yourselves about this! PLEASE!

Even if you’re a progressive lefty, who loves everything big government / savior of the world, read your fellow lefties: Here (Daily Kos, no less) and Here (AFT / union’s take).

How else would someone explain why far left, far right, and middle-ground groups do not trust (mildly) to hate (extremely) this? Are we ready to be China in how we handle our kids? Or are there more fools and idiots among us than we realize?

The Gimlet Eye

Of OPM (other people’s money).

Be thankful for small things.


why don’t Bill & Melinda give it to their home state and also to the state where they made their money


The Gates family donates over $100 milloion dollars each year to charities of their choice. Think about that number, $100 million…