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Let school administrators craft tenure compromise

OPINION By SUPERINTENDENT CURT DUBOST, Ed.D. A very important, potentially landmark lawsuit is now before Superior Court in Los Angeles involving teacher employment and evaluation in the State of California. The case, Vergara v. California, asserts that current teacher tenure... (Continue reading)

Jerry Brown to propose $1 billion for Common Core standards

California Governor Jerry Brown will propose today spending $1 billion to implement education standards that 45 states, including California, have adopted. [Sacramento Bee] The Common Core State Standards will align California’s math and science K-12 curricula with those of 44... (Continue reading)

School funds may stymie reform

Approval by California voters of Proposition 30, the school finance measure, may have thrown a monkey-wrench into public education reform, some advocates of change are asserting. But teachers’ union representatives disagree. (San Jose Mercury News) The $6 billion injection may... (Continue reading)