Los Osos man attacks wife with Samurai sword

May 8, 2013

SamuraiSwordA Los Osos man allegedly attacked his wife Tuesday with a Samurai sword causing injuries to her hands, fingers and stomach.

Investigators also believe that Charles Haig Guenther, 36, threatened his wife with a handgun, according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. Hunter’s wife drove herself to a local hospital following the attack.

Around 10:15 a.m. Tuesday, the sheriff’s office received a call about the domestic violence incident. Approximately 20 deputies responded to the 600 block of Los Osos Valley Road and surrounded the couple’s house with the suspect inside, believed to be armed.

Guenther did not surrender until around 2:45 p.m., when he came out of the house and deputies took him into custody.

A lock-down placed on nearby Monarch Grove Elementary School lasted until 3:30 p.m. Deputies also blocked off traffic in the area.

Guenther had injuries to his leg that investigators believe occurred as a result of the victim defending herself. Deputies took Guenther to a local hospital and charged him with attempted murder, felony domestic violence, false imprisonment and making felony threats.

Guenther is currently in San Luis Obispo County jail on $750,000 bail.


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This could have been minimized by controlling the length and sharpness of the sword. Had there been some type of controls in place, she would have spilled less blood and not been cut so deep. When will our government start acting in the public’s best interests and stop catering to the knife lobbyists.

California Penal Code already prohibits the possession of any sword or knife that is “concealed” inside a tube or wooden staff or case, which a samurai sword (katana) would qualify. You may notice “samurai swords for sale at cutlery stores, the swap meet and on craigslist; usually those are all reproductions, made of inferior quality steel and without a sharpened edge. To possess a real sword with a truly sharp edge (called a “live” edge for true katanas), whether in your home, in your vehicle or on your person is a felony, the same as possessing brass knuckles or a sawed-off shotgun. The exemptions available are for those who teach martial arts and have a school for doing so. So yes, there are laws on the books that do specify the length and sharpness of a sword, thank you very much.

I understand that you are trying to be snarky here, that you want to point out the seemingly futile attempts at controlling various weapons being allowed in the hands of law abiding citizens, but for those of you who think we already have too many restrictions on weapons, where would you draw the line? Do you want to own a flamethrower? Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher?

Why don’t you try researching what our California law actually states before you make a comment that is somewhat “idiotic”?

OUCH! – soundly spanked for lack of knowledge. Who wooda thunk? I think I detect samurai envy.

A lot of good this California penal code did for Mrs. Guenther.

Not samurai envy, samurai respect. In all martial arts training, as you advance and become better, you mature as a student of the art; and in doing so, the goal is to *not* use your training to hurt someone, but to have the confidence that if needed, you can and will, but you also know when NOT to resort to a violent response. The true samurai following the code of Bushido trained very hard, were very skilled, and knew that like the modern LEO of today, they knew that when the weapon came out of the holster (sheath) there was every possibility of a fatal outcome for someone.

As for the penal code “doing good” for Mrs. Guenther, her husband did not violate the penal code by possessing a reproduction sword, but certainly violated laws concerning assault, assault with intent to cause great bodily harm and possibly even attempted murder. If he had had a “real” sword, I fear the outcome would have much different due to the lethality of a katana with a live edge; although given how badly this man apparently wielded the reproduction, he may have cause great bodily harm to himself if he had had a real sword as well.

We need background checks before you buy a sword, we need a 10 day waiting period before you can pick up your new sword, we need a law that says you can only have one blade per sword, we need need to have people buy a sword license prior to buying a sword, we need people to take a training class before they buy a sword….

We need background checks before you buy a sword, we need a 10 day waiting period before you can pick up your new sword


Of course the glaring difference being you can only attack a few people with a sword before people can react and flee or you are disarmed whereas you can wipe out an entire classroom in a matter of seconds with a gun–long before anyone can flee or disarm you.

I get your point, but it’s a poor analogy that ends up cutting against you if you think about it. .

And to take the point further, it’s the major problem with the Muslim and African countries. They are third world primitive countries and should be fighting with third world level primitive weapons such as knives and swords. Unfortunately, first world nations including ours sell these third world countries first world weapons and before you know it you have a snaggle toothed hillbilly taliban walking around with a U.S. or Russian made rocket launcher mumbling his thirld world religious dogma to himself and all he has to do is pull a trigger to do major damage. It’d be an entirely different story if all he had was a machete.

What? You lost me when you said you can only attack a few people with a sword….learn that in sword school did you? This is a domestic violence deal….nothing more.

So far we have only heard one side of the story. Maybe she attacked him first and he used the sword to defend himself. Unlikely, perhaps, but possible.

I’ve heard both sides of the story…..smacking a woman with a sword makes you a low life sissy in my book

Why is it people believe that God is an omnipotent psycho? He saves one woman from a samurai sword attack, allows 5 women to burn to death in a limo, and ignored the pleading of how many of the 6 million Jews that were murdered in WW II? This list could go on forever. Sorry, but I think the way this works is less personal than that.


“Why is it people believe that God is an omnipotent psycho?”

Because we have to, that’s why. Sure He is a psycho and worse, but He’s OUR God of choice over theother Gods that still exist to this day. So, there!

Since the Hebrew part of the Christian God created evil, then why are you so surprised when evil is shown in it’s many forms here on earth? “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create EVIL: I the LORD do all these things.” (Isiah 45:7 KJV)

Jesus told us that we will have suffering, period. “You will have suffering in this world.” (John 16:33,) Christians just have to accept this biblical axiom the best way they can, even if they have to contort themselves into pretzels to try in vain to explain away the fact that an alleged loving and forgiving God can allow such unfair, and tragic things to happen.

Just accept Christianity for what it is, and move on.

Too bad that this woman didn’t have a hand gun, because she could have saved the taxpayer a lot of money since this fool is going to be tried in our County at our expense.

If she had a gun, she could have told Charlie; “Dear, you never bring a Samurai sword to a gun fight!”

Praise Jesus and, Amen.

Most likely the so-called samurai sword was a reproduction without much of a sharp edge to it; none the less, a large piece of steel without much of an edge can do a lot of damage by someone who knows what they are doing. Given the information about this incident, the attacker did not have a “real” sword with a live edge and he certainly did not know what he was doing, thankfully for the spouse who not only defended herself but was able to inflict some damage on her husband as he tried to attack her. Certainly the man needs to be examined to see what sort of mental stability he does or does not have, and regardless of his mental condition, he needs to be held accountable for the consequences of his actions.

My best wishes to Mrs. Guenther for a quick and total recovery of her injuries.

Another deranged person misbehaving with a weapon…

I wonder how she stayed alive. You can cause terrible damage with a small boy scout’s knife. Can you imagine how much damage he could have caused if he had been totally serious about putting the hurt on her. She must have something special the way she stayed alive.

Blessings to all


Of course she had something special, in the way of PRAYER! She obviously asked our Jesus that her life be spared, and she received her godly request, praise the Lord!

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (Mark 11:24)

I thought you were a practicing Christian? It seems that you’re practicing more than being one.