Motorcycle crash near San Miguel sends two to hospital

May 28, 2013

motorcycle crashA motorcycle crash Monday near San Miguel threw two Monterey County residents off their bike, causing each to suffer major injuries. [KSBY]

Monterey resident Donald Perry was driving a Harley Davidson southbound on Highway 101 around 10:30 a.m. Monday when he approached a vehicle traveling only 45 mph.

Perry, 65, tried to brake, but hit the right rear corner of the vehicle, throwing him, as well as his passenger off the motorcycle.

Both Perry and Seaside resident Judy Anderson, 65, received treatment at a local hospital for the major injuries they suffered.


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This reads like he ran into the back of a vehicle traveling the same direction, if so that is just about the most incompetent riding error I’ve heard of in a while. Hope they recover and leave motorcycling to other people

So far all the stories have sounded the same…”Motorcyclist drives into slow moving car.” How hard would it be to either slow down or change lanes before this became an emergency for which he did not possess the skill to avoid?

If I keep reading about all these accidents I might have to sell my bike…..another sad story.