Paso Robles High School grad saves women, children from fire

May 1, 2013
Steven Gifford

Steven Gifford

A Paso Robles High School alumni and manager at the Ravine Waterpark ran into a burning building last month to alert residents of a fire and help them get out. [NBC]

On April 23, Steven Gifford was on his way to a class at San Jose State University when he saw flames coming from “The Villa,” a shelter for women and children in San Jose

Gifford, an off-duty first responder, and a few of his friends ran into the building yelling, knocking on doors and leading people out of the building. They made sure everyone got out safely and was accounted for.

“The adrenaline was rushing, but I’m a certified EMT so it’s kind of act first, think second,” Gifford told NBC.

San Jose firefighters put out the fire which they suspect started on an outdoor patio on the third floor. The displaced women and children were taken to two other shelters.


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BRAVO, for doing what most of the public would not do…

This is the true definition of HERO.

What a loaded comment. Note that the article stated that a few of his friends also went in there with him. But yes, this is the kind of hero that the press needs to focus on.

And he will continued to be viewed as a hero until he joins a union, then all bets are off, he will become (in the eyes of some) a money grubbing union “thug”.

Steve Gifford and all first responders epitomize the self-less-ness of taking care of others FIRST, then they have the “nerve” to ask to be paid for their service (once Steve obtains a job as a first responder).

Steve Giffords (and his friends) did the right thing for the right reason, bravo indeed.

Nothing against SLO but thank God the homeless in SJ had a place to live in the first place. Hopefully they didn’t have to pay all their money to the city for it. Here the people in the shelter would probably get kicked out because they couldn’t come up with more payola. I’m not saying SLO would take advantage of these poor people but who knows?

God Bless the poor and many thanks to those who help to take care of them. Especially this Paso grad and his buddies for reaching out to them.

Residents, not residence.

(Pls delete this comment as needed).

yes on all of the above