SLO County proposes $494.8 million budget

May 15, 2013

moneySan Luis Obispo County administrators proposed a $494.8 million budget for the 2013-2014 fiscal year at Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

The proposed 2013-2014 budget represents a $3.9 million increase from the 2012-2013 budget and currently contains a $2.2 million deficit that the supervisors must close prior to adoption in June.

County administrators proposed a $410.7 million general fund, which represents a $7.7 million increase from the current year.

Funding for roads takes a 2 percent cut in the proposed budget, while funding for the sheriff’s office increases to cope with state prison realignment.

Administrators are expecting a 2 percent increase in property tax revenue and a 3 percent increase in transient occupancy tax revenue.

The county is entering the sixth year of a seven-year plan to eliminate budget deficits. Over the past four years, the county has reduced its budget gap from $30 million in 2009-2010 budget cycle to the current $2.2 million level.

Board of Supervisors budget hearings will begin June 10.


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Ain’t it great having access to so much OPM (other people’s money)?

The only happy thought is that I didn’t vote for any of these bozos…

1) Kudos to the supes for being six years into a seven year plan to eliminate deficit spending.

2) How many are we, us souls of SLO County? 230,000? If so, this $495,000,000 budget is costing every man, woman and child among us $2151. Who’s paying? Who’s not?

So let me get this straight, the benefit for law abiding get a cut and the lawless get a raise?

Like you (or anyone) are going to do anything about it…

Deport the illegals and you’ll have all the money you need to educate American children.

This is total nonsense. First of all, even if you just count expenditures vs. income at the government level, there is an overall net gain. That’s right. Illegal aliens pay more in taxes (largely because they do not get their tax returns with bogus social security numbers) than they use in services, overall. The problem is that the state’s who carry the burden of the expenditures (like California) do not get that money from the federal government. So THERE is your problem, not the illegals.

Secondly, we spend just as much in this country on education (state and federal combined) as we do on defense. So the problem is not spending enough, it is how we use that money.

I’d disagree with you here, m. If an illegal is using a fake SSN and paying into the system (SSI, Fed/State Tax, etc) then it would be a NET LOSS if they actually were legally doing it, as anyone who is under $30K or so per year, generally receives MORE than what is withheld (on the Federal return, anyway, CA still stops at zero when the credits bring it to 0 or lower).

I would say that if the bogus SS is not getting back what was withheld, then overall our nation is saving money. Remember, we historically pay people to be poor and uneducated.

Someone who uses a bogus SS number to obtain a job has Social Security and Medicare payments deducted from their pay. But that money can’t be reclaimed later because there is no person (or a different person) with that number in the federal system to whom to credit the “contributions.” If the IRS or SSA doesn’t have a valid SS number for you, you can’t get a refund or even file a return to claim one.

I don’t know if mkaney is correct about the overall contributions exceeding the value of public services received, but he is right in saying that the feds (in particular the SSA) benefit and the individual states lose.