Student run store provides free clothes and resources

May 18, 2013

pacific beach HSStudents at Pacific Beach High School in San Luis Obispo opened a new store on Friday to provide free clothing and school supplies for junior high and high school-aged kids. [KSBY]

The school’s seventeen homeless students along with other students volunteered to manage and run the store dubbed Outreach Apparel. Employees of Home Depot and Old Navy helped organize the campus based store which is part of the Children’s Resource Network of the Central Coast..

Organizers of the store told KSBY it helps teach the students managerial skills, teamwork, and responsibility.


Spirit Filled

The lost bonus money has been found, It was all given to the homelss then taken back again. Then given again for a short time then taken again. Confusing isn’t it? Who has the bonus money? Luckily the homeless have decided not to give up their checks and especiallu bonus checks til they get some housing and some food for the kids. San Luis, from what has been written in these comments. has a pretty bad rep when things are paid up front. Get the product then pay for it if it is what you ordered.



Sometimes I wonder if you forgot the last “s” in the first part of your moniker… :/


Keep CAPSLO away from it, don’t let them get involved in any way! Dee Torres will find a way to replace her recent loss bonus money…


Bravo, this is a great idea…