Atascadero promotes Rachelle Rickard to city manager

June 27, 2013
Rachelle Rickard

Rachelle Rickard

The Atascadero City Council has promoted current Administrative Services Director Rachelle Rickard to city manager.

The council voted unanimously Tuesday to hire Rickard in place of departing City Manager Wade McKinney. McKinney will vacate his post Friday in order to become city manager of Indian Wells.

Rickard will receive a base salary of $149,908 in her first year, followed by 5 percent raises in her second and third years.

McKinney was making a base salary of $157,173. Indian Wells, which has a population of about 5,000, has paid its city managers as much as $677,172.

Rickard has worked for Atascadero for 16 years, beginning as a city accountant in February 1997. She assumed her current role of Administrative Service Director in July 1998.

“I am honored by the Council’s decision and very gratefully accept the appointment to the position of City Manager,” Rickard said.


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Finally a smart, down to earth beautiful young woman to take the job. You have my voice of confidence. If anyone can do it a woman can. I will listen to her with my heart. I will look deeply into her eyes and she will know who is on who’s side.

My advice is do not read this blog. They are going to tear you apart like a pack of dogs. The people are not going to let you make a misstake. or God help you when you do. This crowd seems to want to throw the first stone. Doesn’t matter if you are wrong or right and your beauty will not help you with anyone but me. Women to me are works of art. They work, raise a family, always putting others first.

Thanks ladies. This one is a part of what’s good in this world. Another lady to follow on our way.

God Bless

Family Secrets

Good deal. Hopefully having a woman in charge will straighten out that town.

Take a drive down the main drag, and some side streets in the near future. Dont think most people would wanrt the job….regardless of the salary.