Boaters injured after vessel capsizes in Morro Bay

June 23, 2013

ambTwo people were injured Sunday morning when the vessel they were in overturned south of the jetty in Morro Bay. [KSBY]

At about 7:40 a.m., a wave capsized the boat. Suffering from minor injuries, one of the boaters made it to shore and called for help.

The Morro Bay Fire Department, Morro Bay Harbor Department, Morro Bay Police Department, Coast Guard, and State Parks officials responded to the scene.

Rescuers found the second occupant floating in the water and performed CPR before transporting the victim to a local hospital.


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Very difficult coming and going in this harbor. Even the huge fishing boats have trouble. Wonder why they don’t fix this problem. I am afraid to go out in the ocean this way. God Bless